Islanders buy Josh Bailey to make room for Nazem Kadri

NHL trade rumors for August 3, 2022 point to Nazem Kadri signing with the New York Islanders. Josh Bailey is bought to free up space on the cap.

Nazem Kadri is rumored to re-sign with the Colorado Avalanche, but his new salary cap just won’t work with the Avs.

The Detroit Red Wings are reportedly interested in signing Kadri, but nothing has materialized.

NHL trade rumors are now circulating that the New York Islanders and Nazem Kadri have a deal in place, but nothing will be announced until the Islands clear the salary cap space needed to sign Kadri.

Stefan Rosner of NJI Hockey now reports that Islanders forward Josh Bailey and his $5 million salary cap are being bought to make way for a Kadri signing.

Bailey, 32, has this season and next season on his contract and with a salary cap of $5 million, general manager Lou Lamoriello may have to add additional compensation for any deal to go through.

This scenario likely explains why no Kadri signings have been announced since the free agent frenzy began. Lou likes to wait until everything is in place and then announce a signing.

If the rumors are true and Kadri is heading to Long Island and the teams know about it, the Bailey trade will cost the Islanders, even if it’s lost wages.

His likely destinations are either Chicago or Arizona where bad contracts are going to die right now in the NHL.

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