Internet users attack a woman who posts a photo with her sick grandfather for coloring her hair


A woman who posted the story of her grandfather’s illness is suing her abusers online, including those who abused her for her pink hair while grieving.

His attorney has warned netizens to end the harassment and remove abusive comments and photos.

Zheng Linghua, in her twenties, is an active user of multiple social media platforms who enjoys recording things in her life and posting them online.

On July 13, Zheng received an admission letter for a graduate course from East China Normal University.

She wanted to share the good news with her grandfather, hospitalized since last December for a cerebral infarction, a myocardial infarction and advanced bowel cancer.

She visited her grandfather in the hospital and read the letter to him.

The warm moment was recorded in photos and videos, which were later posted to her accounts on platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Douyin and Weibo.

Zheng, whose mother died when she was just six months old, was raised by her grandfather

Her posts quickly became popular on social media.

However, the story was later twisted by some, who misused his photos and videos and fabricated the content.

A netizen sent a screenshot to Zheng, on which another short video account stole his photo and sold “notes” or books to contestants.

Screenshots of a deceived student show that he paid the guy 1,680 yuan for the materials but never received a response.

There is no proof.

Among the comments on another platform, one netizen said that Zheng’s pink hair made her look like a bar girl and some even said that the old man and young woman in the photo were a couple.

Zheng quickly became the target of cyber violence. People attacked her hair color and said she was promoting herself through her grandfather’s death.

Even some of his relatives criticized him for posting his grandfather’s photo online.

Even when times were tough, Zheng remained positive. She chose happy and inspiring words from the comments and read them to her grandfather.

Jin Xiaohang, a lawyer from Zhejiang, advised Zheng for free because he was in love with his grandfather.

On Saturday, Zheng said she would sue over 1,000 online abusers.

She changed her hair color from pink to black.


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