“I’m not washing this hand!” – MrBeast’s massive $250,000 gesture has school kids showing nothing but gratitude


MrBeast has once again gone on a “donation” spree, and fans are loving it. The YouTuber has uploaded a new video to his philanthropy channel featuring various less privileged schools across the United States. Jimmy visited a few of them to donate different supplies to the kids, once again proving his kindness.


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The last few days have gone well for MrBeast as he hits a big milestone. It has crossed over 100 million subscribers, the biggest dream of any YouTube creator. To celebrate, he also gifted an island to his fans while also hosting a fun challenge for her. However, Jimmy turned that into history with this act of kindness.


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MrBeast takes out his magic wand and makes everyone happy

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast in showbiz, has once again proven why he is the best YouTuber. After building wells in parts of Africa, this time the YouTuber did something for the children of his country. He recently visited less privileged schools in the United States and presented them with gifts/supplies as a sign of kindness.


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MrBeast started his “donation party” by filling five buses with school supplies. From notebooks, pens and coloring books to school bags and board games, he filled an entire gym with it all. Jimmy invited the children to take whatever they wanted with the idea of ​​providing full care of supplies for the coming year.

Interestingly, the principal also left him a comment, “They look at all the stuff you gave them. They know that next year they won’t have to worry about buying school supplies. I mean, someone giving you this support is nothing but a gift. Children would surely have seen MrBeast as a Santa Claus who came to bring presents.

Donation Frenzy Round 2

However, Jimmy didn’t just make the kids happy. After all, we all know he never misses an opportunity to make everyone around him smile. After spending time with the kids, MrBeast surprised a teacher with a new “Jeep” car when his previous one broke down. Additionally, he gave $10,000 to the lunch lady, who lost her husband and was going through a rough patch.


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Later in the video, MrBeast continued to visit schools until he completed all five busloads of supplies. Hurray, the YouTuber donated $200,000 worth of supplies, a number most people dream of! However, that number didn’t seem to be enough, as he then asked teachers to buy all the essentials they needed in their school for the next two years. The final amount added another $50,000 as the teachers bagged all the important supplies.

Finally, the video was co-sponsored by Sun-Maid Raisins, a brand that sells a product under its name. So, with all the twinkling smiles, tears of happiness, and strong support, MrBeast has once again won a million hearts!


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