I’m a nanny and I’ve created an adult bedside hamper based on my best childcare practices – here are the necessities


A FORMER nanny has shared her tips for avoiding scrolling through social media at night.

Terra Joy, who goes by @thesagesoul on TikTok, shared her “adult toy basket” featuring several items to offer people alternatives to using their phones in bed.


TikToker Terra Joy shared her tips for avoiding scrolling social media with a ‘cart of adult toys’1 credit

“This basket is for the mornings and evenings when I’m laying in bed and I don’t want to scroll, but I want to do something,” Terra said, holding her own bedside basket.

The box is full of items such as books, coloring books, journals, card games and even a ukulele.

“You don’t have to be good at it, you don’t have to post it anywhere… just enjoy it,” she said.

Terra emphasized that her personal goal isn’t to completely stop using her phone when she’s in bed, but rather to avoid scrolling through social media.

She suggests phone calls and FaceTiming friends are also great options, and recommends a question book to spark more meaningful conversations.

“I would recommend trying to have an ‘alternate’ day just one day a week at first,” reads the on-screen text in the video.

“Then next week, try two days. If it’s doable, go to three. Try three days a week for a few weeks, then go to four, etc.

Terra says she even goes to YouTube to follow yoga routines or watch a comedy show.

“I like to read articles online and randomly search for new things,” she said.

“I have to allow myself the flexibility to use my phone and have screen time. I just try to do it in a more intentional way that makes me feel better at the end.

She cautioned that most items in the cart had to be purchased, however, Terra said she had built her own personal cart over a few years and it didn’t feel expensive as she added things gradually.

The video has generated nearly 250,000 views and nearly 50,000 likes.

Other users in his comments shared their own experiences of scrolling on their phones.

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“I get your point about not scrolling social media, it’s gotten so bad for me that I think watching a movie is productive,” one person wrote.

Terra replied, “I think watching a movie is entertainment, which is crucial for recreation and rest!”

Terra fills her shopping cart with items that can waste her time without having to start using her phone again


Terra fills her shopping cart with items that can waste her time without having to start using her phone again1 credit

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