I Tried Archer & Olive’s Subscription Box – Here’s What I Thought


Although experiencing high levels of stress may seem like a “normal” part of life, the truth is that it can feel like anything. corn normal when you’re in the thick of it. Fortunately, talking openly about mental health is becoming the new norm, and Archer & Olive are jumping into the conversation with subscription boxes designed to help you start an art and journaling practice. After all, journaling and other creative endeavors are an incredible way to get the upper hand, and medical experts have reported that they can do everything from help reduce stress levels, to track negative thought patterns and prioritize concerns. As someone who feels like my blood pressure has been bumped up to 11 out of 10, I was more than ready to see how this might help.

Quarterly Subscription Boxes for Mental Health Practices

One of the most interesting things about Archer & Olive is the fact that the designer herself has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, a fact that made my ears prick up. (In my opinion, when it comes to mental health practices, real, hands-on experience matters a lot.) The company — which specializes in hardcover journals, writing and drawing tools, and high-quality accessories subscription boxes, so you can have amazing materials at your fingertips to motivate you to start a mental health art practice.

Premium materials in eco-friendly, vegan packaging

If you love the look and feel of high-end stationery and art supplies, you’ll appreciate Archer & Olive’s Quarterly Subscription Boxes, which contain everything you’ll need for three months of art practice. and journaling, plus articles that’ll help you focus and stay organized. Each pack comes with at least one ethically made notebook, as well as limited-edition and never-before-seen Archer & Olive products.

The sample set I received included several hardcover journals (with linen and leatherette covers), a set of double-sided Calliograph pens from Archer & Olive in soft shades of green, blue and orange , a tote bag, illustrated prints to color in, and stickers to brighten up my pages and help me get organized. (If you’re a fan of organization, you’ll love to know there were stickers for to-do lists and days of the week.) There were also several rolls of decorative washi tape, including one with images of leopards on it that I literally can’t help but stare at in pure aesthetic admiration.

What it’s like to use the materials

As someone who once had a dedicated journaling practice that has since been discontinued, I have to say that having some great tools at hand actually helped kickstart my motivation. Hardcover journals made it easy to write anywhere, even without a desk or table, so I could use them outdoors, which just capitalized on the calming factor of the experience.

Although I’m not an artist, I liked that you could use one side of each pen for coloring or calligraphy and the other for writing. Also, seeing things in Color – instead of using a standard black or blue ballpoint pen – made the experience much more engaging, helping me slow down and ritualize the process.

The benefits of well-being

Using the creative side of my brain definitely makes me feel like the best version of myself, and being able to engage with that in a practical way has energized me. I also liked the organization stickers as a way to prioritize daily tasks, which is much nicer than just jotting them down on paper. That I could compile thoughts, fears, gratitude, and daily schedules into a single journal was something I wasn’t sure about at first, but – as someone who tends to misplace things – I appreciated having a central notepad to streamline my day. . Although I’m still at the start of this routine, I’m curious to see if using these tools could be a fun alternative to my regular meditation practice.

That being said, I can see that this subscription box is really great for anyone who loves high-quality notebooks and art supplies, whether or not you’re looking to make it a sanity effort.

Other offers from Archer & Olive

While my recommendation is to simply opt for a subscription box (I think it’s worth it if you’re ready to engage in an art or mindfulness practice), you can also purchase individual items from Archer & Olive. They have an impressive array of tools – from watercolors to pencil cases – in a variety of designs that will look amazing whether you’re keeping them on your desk on your nightstand for a journal and some before art. bedtime.


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