Hickory Creek fourth graders spread the love


Valentine’s Day for residents of Willow Branch Health and Rehabilitation will be much sweeter thanks to the fourth-grade students at Hickory Creek Elementary.

Fourth graders had to do a 4-H project where they did something for someone else. After some brainstorming, they decided to collect coloring books, word search books, crayons, markers and crayons for the nursing home and called the project Helping Hearts.

“We have to do a project for 4-H every year and we’ve done the animal shelter and all kinds of things. We just had this idea of ​​trying to do something. The idea is to do something for someone else. We just brainstormed and came up with the idea to do this for the nursing home and a friend of mine worked there and found out what they needed,” said Sonia Vandagriff, a fourth-grade teacher.

The fourth-grade classes jumped at the chance to help others this Valentine’s Day and quickly collected materials to send to the nursing home.

“Each teacher has their own box and each box is pretty much either full or bubbling. We collected quite a few,” Vandagriff said.

Students also colored in Valentine’s Day cards for residents of Willow Branch. The kids were thrilled with Valentine’s Day and plan to have a party on Monday. Year 4 student Liam Warden says his favorite part of the holidays is making people happy.

“Probably, I would say, making people happy by giving them the candy,” Warden said. “I plan to go with my friends and give them candy.”

For Monday’s party, he plans to make a Valentine’s Day box that looks like an Xbox and hand out candy to his classmates.


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