“Hey Pretty”: A North Minneapolis Native Pen Coloring Book to Empower Black Girls


MINNEAPOLIS– A North Minneapolis native makes sure all the girls feel pretty. Maya Marchelle uses crayons and markers to pave the way for universal self-esteem.

Marchelle is a musician, social worker and writer. She wrote a coloring book called “Hey Pretty!” with the hope of illuminating the souls of little girls.

She got the idea after a student she was advising was called mean names.

“I decided to try something new with my group of girls, and every time they walked in, I was like, ‘Hey pretty, hey pretty,’ and the reaction I got was, ‘Aww, you talk to me’… So when I saw the impact it had, I was like, ‘I have to do something about this,’ she said.

And she did.

First she wrote a song. Then she put it in writing and drawing with the coloring book.

Marchelle hopes the coloring book will be used by girls and women of all races and backgrounds as a self-esteem tool.

“I was lucky enough to watch girls leaf through the book, and they picked out the pages that looked like them,” she said.

The coloring book is on sale at Magers & Quinn Booksellers in Minneapolis and on Amazon. It can also be purchased at Marchelle’s website.


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