Harbor Beach students join the walk for mental health


Harbor Beach Community Schools will join the Green March for Mental Health to kick off Mental Health Awareness Month on Tuesday, May 3.

Approximately 600 students and staff will participate in the walk, from kindergarten to grade 12. Their route will take them from the school to the Senior Life Solutions building at Harbor Beach Community Hospital. There will be a short speech or two and then hospital staff will join them in a march to the Trescott Street pier. Then they will reverse the route.

In addition to walking, Harbor Beach Schools are also hosting a variety of mental health-focused activities throughout the week from May 2 through May 6. Older students will have the opportunity to participate in poetry and prose contests, expressing what good mental health looks like. for them.

The hospital has also provided coloring pages for younger students to reflect on positive mental health at an age-appropriate level. While a high school student may talk about anorexia or suicide, understanding a kindergartener’s mental health is on a different level than that. However, the school is always careful to deal with happiness and sadness issues in different ways.

“At all levels, from kindergarten to grade 12, we recognize what to teach about mental illness,” said Harbor Beach Superintendent Shawn Bishop.

Harbor Beach teachers were asked to appropriately approach the walk with their students, explaining what it is for at an age-appropriate level. The hope is that it gives children time to reflect on the people in their own lives who have mental health issues, so that when they do the walk they have those people in mind and do so in their minds. honor. This is to prevent the walk from becoming just another mandatory school event.


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