Former Chesterfield pupil now teaching at his primary school


CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) — Welton Williams III is a Chesterfield County alumnus who is now giving back to the school district that helped shape it.

Welton is a first-grade teacher at Bensley Elementary School and is already making an impact on students.

“I can’t think of a better profession for Welton,” said Welton Grade 5 teacher Ms. Ballentine.

Ms. Ballentine now teaches at Crenshaw Elementary School, but her family’s connection to Welton runs deep. His mother, Mrs. Brenda Watson, was also a teacher.

“She taught in Richmond at Broad Rock Elementary in Richmond and for the past few years at Bensley Elementary in Chesterfield County,” Ms Ballentine said.

She, too, had fond memories of Welton when he was in 2nd grade. Mrs. Ballentine’s husband is an SRO at Meadowbrook High School, which Bensley feeds into, and remembers Welton.

Welton is already shaping the minds of his students.

“I try to teach them just respect… manners, I can’t talk to people in any way. I say, yes, please, no, thank you,” Welton said. .

He already makes sacrifices for his students to succeed, buying supplies with his own money.

“Mostly markers, wreaths, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, paper, stuff like that,” Welton said.

Ms Ballentine nominated Welton for NBC’s 12 Acts of Kindness to ensure her school year starts off on the right foot. She couldn’t leave her class to surprise him, so NBC12’s Anthony Antoine stepped in.

“I was very honored that people wanted to recognize me,” Welton said.

Ms. Ballentine says he has the intangible things that cannot be taught.

“That’s right; it’s the caring, gentle, empathetic spirit that will make it happen,” Ms Ballentine said.


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