Explore Authors Magazine publishes its list of new books to read this fall


Mower by JR Lightfoot

Think to Feel Better: A Guide to Mental Health by Thomas J. Blakely

Think to Feel Better: A Guide to Mental Health by Thomas J. Blakely

Sea Monsters by Jason R. Van Pelt

Sea Monsters by Jason R. Van Pelt

Grab a hot cup of java and relax with a book from Explore Authors Magazine’s list of new recommended books to read this fall.

Enjoy the fall season with a cup of hot java and an exciting read of Explore Authors magazine’s list of hot new books to read in September.

— Explore the authors magazine

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, Sept. 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The following books on Explore Authors Magazine’s list are now available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and fine retailers everywhere.

Think to Feel Better: A Guide to Mental Health by Thomas J. Blakely MSW PhD explores methods to help readers positively resolve life changes and emotional issues in this insightful self-help book. Twin Oaks Edition, 979-8986899114

JR Lightfoot’s Reaper is a spooky ride with action, adventure, and humans battling demons to protect the souls of mankind. A guaranteed delight for horror fans. An exciting and action-packed read. Angel, 979-8-2180251-0-6

Hubert Yoshida recounts in gripping and heartbreaking detail personal accounts of the first bloody battle between the US Marine Corps and the NVA, and the lives lost in this brutal war by heroic American soldiers. Detailed historical account. Highly recommended. Luna Blue, 979-8985343205, 979-8985343212

In C. Pape’s Echoing Dance, a former soccer player and his girlfriend revisit past traumas and turbulent histories leading to a monumental art theft in this fascinating gem. We recommend. Holly Street Books, 979-8986496207

The Last Triceracorn (Book One) is a charming young adult fantasy adventure that will keep your reader enthralled. What a magical experience. A high recommendation. M4 Edition, 979-89863248-0-7

Sea Monsters by Jason R. Van Pelt is on sale now. Kids can learn about the beach and the sea in this addition to Jason R. Van Pelt’s wonderful collection of children’s books and vacation book series. We highly recommend this collection. JRVP, 978-1737157212

Captive Butterfly by Lauren Cavanaugh is a gripping literary drama about friendship, loyalty, responsibility and change after a longtime soulmate friendship breaks down. Will the friends reconcile their differences when one of them is kidnapped while doing Christian missionary work in a foreign land? East Bay Publishing, 979-8-98650000-3

RS Howell’s thrilling new fantasy novel, The Legends of Daer: Champions of Tylwyth, follows Isabella Strongfellow as she embarks on a mythical journey to save her brother. Fans of young adult fantasy will love this enchanting adventure. A must-read epic! Maximus Edition, 979-8-218-02106-1

The Abduction of Taylor Shaw by Tighe Taylor is an engrossing, tensely written legal crime drama with twists and turns that captivate from start to finish. Black Cat Edition, 979-8-218-04891-4

Carl Messinger’s Natalie’s Journey is a sweet slice-of-life romantic drama and a follow-up to his World War II romantic drama, The German Triangle. Readers will love this period novel. JKL Publishing, 979-8218035327

Basic Financial Steps: Who Teaches You How to Make Your Money Work by Reginald Campbell offers informative, actionable, and actionable advice on how to understand the basics of personal finance. Important and highly recommended reading. The Strategy Group, 979-8-9867069-0-0

Dee Miller’s Dear Father is a worthy romantic drama and a sequel to Miller’s Anneliese. Another enjoyable read and a high recommendation for me. Prairie sage books, 978-1-7372955-1-8

A fantastic read for horror fans. At 70, Robert is torn between his newfound powers and his sanity in horror writer Lance W. Reedinger’s chilling new novel, “70.” An exciting and thrilling story. Red Moon Press, 978-0578288406

After the End: The Journey by RJ Lynch – An excellent post-apocalyptic action drama and sequel to one man’s journey to find the man who took the love of his life. Two Handed Media, 978-1734532319

Boyd C. Hipp’s Eva, III…Escape on a romantic adventure on the high seas in this sequel to Hipp’s Mahalo Memories. We are still in a swoon. Mahalo Books, 978-0578356006

The Fifie by Marco Collina tells the romantic story of a couple whose lives are turned upside down after being lost at sea, in this epic and adventurous marine tale… MAC PRESS, 979-8986465005.

Stan Nicholas’ Never Summer: A Thousand Rainbows, is more than a memoir of his life – it’s a gripping tale of 13 teenage summers spent traveling the Pacific Northwest with his family of six. people while harvesting fruit all summer long while living out of a car or in shacks on orchard properties. A Buff and Beyond, Ink, 979-8218030919

Moosefart: A Man, a Woman, a Shattered Dream by Mary Snyder…based on a true story, this vault mystery hides a cautionary tale about the body, men’s health and friendship. Thoughtful and beautifully written. We recommend. Steel Roof Press, 979-8985872101

Sweet little pup Spike and his best pal Boss are back with this adorable learning book that parents and kids are sure to love in Super Spike and his pal Boss Say the ABCs. A wonderful learning book for children by James R. Bower. Medium Dog Edition, 978-1-7337590-5-2

Chair, The Next Generation by Jo Robinson, shares a wonderful story about family, love and growing old. A charming and moving tale for children. A sweet story. Twink’s Library, 979-8-218-01045-4

Messages from a Mystical Traveler by Michael Williams explores the author’s visions of an alternate reality, including what happens after we die. A pleasant metaphysical exploration. Brighter Lights Edition, 979-8-9862972-4-8

Feed the Spirit, Starve the ED by Noël Deppen offers a compassionate and informative examination of eating disorders and how to cure them in this inspiring book. A wonderful and insightful read. We recommend. Hopeful Rose Publishing, 979-821800768

Alex Scut’s EVO: The Man in the White Mask and EVO: Chasing the Girl With the Green Eyes is sci-fi at its finest in this thrilling sci-fi adventure series. We are intrigued by this futuristic tale. Groovy Gray Fox, 979-8-9850354-1-4 and 979-8985035407

George D. Anderson’s My Side of the Tracks follows a man who discovers hidden World War II treasure on newly acquired land. A wonderful character study. New Book Authors, 979-8-9861190-6-9

Royal Intrigue, A Worldwide Mystery and “A big big lie, covered in snow work, obscured by a smoke screen…” in The Secret Heir by CJ Toca COMING SOON, October 2022. Saddle Ridge Publications, LLC, 979-8-9868996-0-2

The Four Seasons: A Collection of Coloring Hazel P. Simcox Volumes 1 and 2 offer parents the perfect solution to provide learning activities for children that limit time on digital devices. AVAILABLE SOON: Color Me Happy, 979-8-9869409-0-8, 979-8-986940-1-5

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