Every Unique Nichirin Blade Introduced So Far


Part of demon slayer’The appeal lies in its varied character designs, which often combine wild hair colors and patterned haori jackets. Although primarily used to slay demons, the series’ Nichirin swords are also valuable elements of these designs, and there are as many unique blades as there are unique characters.

Nichirin swords are the demon slayer’s weapon of choice. They are made of a special material that absorbs sunlight, making them effective in killing demons. While we see most rank and file Demon Slayers wielding an unimpressive katana, some characters in the series have swords with more unique designs and purposes.


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Starting with demon slayerThe hard-headed protagonist, Tanjiro’s sword hilt and hilt are nothing special, sporting black wrapping around the red hilt and a black wheel for a hilt. Even its blade doesn’t look special, but it’s actually one of the most unique swords in the series.

While most of the other characters have blades that match their breathing style, despite being a water breather, Tanjiro’s blade is pure black. Black is an extremely rare color for Nichirin Blades and indicates that Tanjiro’s compatibility might not be with the Water Breathing Style or even the Hinokami Kagura. However, having broken his blade at the end of Season 2, Tanjiro is going to have to search for a new sword that might be a bit more unique in its aesthetic.

Zenitsu draws the sword

Unlike Tanjiro, Zenitsu’s Nichirin Blade matches his breathing style and overall aesthetic much better. While the hilt is a fairly modest trefoil shape, the hilt sports a white and yellow color scheme, matching Zenitsu’s patterned haori.

The blade itself features a drawing of lightning through it, almost as if struck by lightning, just like Zenitsu was.

Demon Slayer - Inosuke with his crossed swords ready to fight

Inosuke is easily one of the most unique Demon Slayers in the series. Not only does he have an aggressive disposition and a surprisingly feminine face, but he also has his own self-taught breathing style. His beast breathing is born out of his animalistic instincts and therefore requires equally brutal weaponry to make it work.

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As such, Inosuke not only has 2 swords instead of the usual 1, but forgoes traditional hilts and hilts entirely. The handles are simply wrapped in bandages, giving them an almost DIY look. The blade has a special light teal color to match the color scheme associated with the breath of the beast, but most shocking is the many chips and dents in the blades. These shavings are beaten into the blades by Inosuke himself, much to the dismay of his blacksmith. They allow the blades to function less like swords and more like saws, which is necessary for targeted ripping and beast’s breath ripping techniques.

Demon Slaying Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa

Although we haven’t seen the Hashira wind fight in the anime yet, we got a look at his sword during Tanjiro and Nezuko’s first encounter with the Hashira. Instead of the traditional diamond-shaped wrapping of Nichirin blades and the katana in general, Sanemi’s hilt is wrapped more horizontally, with diamond shapes on the bare hilt itself. He also has one of the most unique guards, which is shaped like unfolding cards or fan blades, which makes perfect sense for a master of wind breathing.

The hilt and guard are both predominantly green, and this trend continues with the blade itself, which is a striking green throughout, with saw-like patterns. These patterns clearly show that Sanemi’s wind is not of the soft kind, but of the sharp and cutting kind. Not surprising given his many scars and violent temper.

Demon Slayer Hashira Shinobu Kocho Insect

Much like Inosuke, Shinobu is a character who had to forgo a traditional katana in order to better express his unique breathing style. Due to her small size, Shinobu is unable to cut off demon heads, so she adapted her blade to focus on stabbing instead of cutting.

The edge of his sword is almost completely removed except for the tip and the base. This makes it more akin to a rapier than a katana, making it lighter and more effective at delivering its special wisteria poison to demons. While the gunmetal and green color scheme of the hilt and guards is a far cry from Shinobu’s mostly purple and pink aesthetic, the guard pays homage to its insect-breathing feel, with 4 rounded blades that look a bit like wings .

Demon Slayer Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku

Traditionally shaped to match his very traditional flame breathing style, Kyojuro’s sword is exactly what you would expect from a flame breathing user. This is most evident in the special flame-like hilt, but the blade itself takes on a rare burning red color, with flame-like patterns throughout.

The only thing even slightly surprising about it is the horizontal white wrappers on the hilt, which, while not the usual diamond pattern, at least matches her mostly white haori.

Nezuko chased by Kanao in the anime

Kanao has only participated in one fight so far in the anime, so it’s easy to miss the fact that she actually possesses a unique Nichirin blade. Most striking is the cool pink color of the blade itself, something common for users of the flower breath style.

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A minor detail, however, is the rather intricate design of his sword hilt. It features floral patterns on curved lines that look a bit like jets of water. These elements combined paint a picture of a peaceful garden, a place we’ve seen Kanao often, implying that his guard was specifically designed to match his calm and gentle nature.

Demon Slayer Water Hashira Giyu Tomioka

Being the unassuming guy that he is, Giyu doesn’t have as flashy or unique a sword as most of his peers. In terms of color, it is the same cool blue as water blast users.

The most interesting part of this sword’s design is in the hilt, which is shaped like a gemstone and shares the same shade of red as the right side of Giyu’s haori. It’s unclear what the meaning of the gem’s shape is, but it could be there to represent her very rigid personality.

Demon Slayer Son Hashira Tengen Uzui

Last but not least, the flashy sound Hashira Tengen Uzui sports equally flashy weapons. Much like Inosuke, Tengen opts for dual-wielding swords for his unique sonic breathing style. Unlike Inosuke, Tengen is bound to the hilt by a chain, allowing him to use them the same way someone might use nunchucks. We see the usefulness of this in his fight with Gyutaro, as he’s able to not only extend the reach of a sword by grabbing the tip of the other, but also do better one-handed fighting sometimes leaving a of his swords swinging through the air.

His Nichirin swords are also much larger than most, only able to be used due to his large body. They have a yellow coloration on their blades, similar to thunder-breathing users. This is not surprising, as Tengen’s sonic breathing was based on thunder breathing to begin with. They are also shaped like cleavers rather than traditional katanas and feature a single large hole in each blade, possibly to allow Tengen to latch onto enemy weapons or bodies. And of course, the color of their hilts and guards are a striking combination of red, green, and gold, matching some of Tengen’s accessories and makeup.

Although we’ve seen many unique blades already, 4 of the Hashira have yet to reveal their full swords, and Tanjiro still needs to get his fixed, so demon slayer still has plenty of fun weapon designs waiting in the wings.

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