Egg-Cellent Easter Egg Hacks


There is something wonderfully timeless about the idea of ​​Easter eggs and crafts that involve egg dyeing can also be done in the traditional way. Modern-day TikToker @the_vintagearean, which depicts a vintage lifestyle, makes traditional Easter eggs with red cabbage, while adding a surprising design element using fresh herbs.

Boil hard-boiled eggs, while boiling shredded red cabbage in a separate pan. Meanwhile, cut pieces of fabric, perhaps an old t-shirt, into squares large enough to wrap around an egg. Pour boiled cabbage water turns purple, pour it into three separate jars with lids. Next, place a leaf of grass, such as parsley, in the middle of three fabric squares and place a boiled egg on each one. Wrap the fabric around the eggs, securing the top with twine or twine. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to one of the jars only and the same amount of baking soda to another jar, leaving one jar with just the cabbage juice. Each creates a different intensity of color, while grass creates an undyed pattern. Place the cloth-wrapped eggs and a plain hard-boiled egg in each jar. Closed for 24 hours. Take them out, unwrap the eggs that are in the tea towel and dry them all on a wire rack marveling at your old-fashioned decorations.


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