“Doing the Work”, an anti-racism activity book


“Doing the Work”, an anti-racism activity book

During the mass racial justice uprisings of 2020, many Americans realized for the first time that racist police brutality was a critically important issue. While millions of people have taken to the streets of American cities to demand change, some people have engaged in purely symbolic gestures, such as posting black squares on their Instagram accounts.

W. Kamau Bell, with co-author Kate Schatz, has a new book for those who want to take action but don’t know where to start. Do The Work: An Antiracist Activity Book is a detailed introduction to white supremacy in the United States, its history, impact, and how people of color lead the fight for justice.

Filled with quizzes, coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and starting points for self-directed research, Do the Work has a foreword by Alica Garza, founder of the Black Futures Lab.

Bell spoke to Yes Magazine, where you can read the transcript of that conversation at yesmagazine.org.

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