Did you know it’s random acts of kindness week?


Are you ready to be nice?

National Acts of Kindness Week kicked off Saturday and will run through February 19, according to the National Acts of Kindness Foundation. The main event of the week is Thursday, National Acts of Kindness Day.

“We celebrate kindness every day of the year (for over 20 years!) in every corner of the globe,” according to the foundation, founded in the 1990s in the Bay Area.

According to the group, when a reporter noted that people should stop reporting “random acts of violence” and start “practicing random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty,” a movement was born. The National Acts of Kindness Foundation has since been purchased by a private foundation and moved to Colorado.

“It’s impossible to count the number of people who have participated in making kindness the norm, but some of the ones we’ve noted over the years that still make us smile include: Sesame Street, the National Football League …Bishop Desmond Tutu, Walt Disney World, Aldi, Smokey the Bear, Doctor Who and Lady Gaga, plus so many more,” the organization said.

With Kindness Celebrations, the group encourages everyone to find ways to step out of their comfort zone and be extra kind.

Through the organization’s website, people have access to different activities related to kindness, such as a coloring contest, a gift card initiative, an activity to become a child again, to write a letter, to subscribe to a text kind messages, send kind messages via text or call, and more. Classroom materials are also available.

“We are rooted in the belief that everyone can connect through kindness and that kindness can be taught,” the nonprofit group said.


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