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Jacqueline Speer Livengood, 88, died June 8, 2022.

Jackie was born on December 3, 1933 in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania. She is pursued in death by her parents Robert Speer and Louise Keiss; brothers Robert Speer and Sandy Speer, husband Joseph Samuel Livengood and son Dewayne Livengood.

She is survived by her daughter Kimberly Engler (Mike), her grandchildren Melissa Wise (Ben), Chad Engler (Tricia), Aaron Livengood (Christie) and seven great-grandchildren.

Jackie married Joseph Samuel Livengood on December 27, 1952. Jackie and Joe lived in Pennsylvania for the early years of marriage. They then moved to Maryland where Joe found work as a bricklayer and Jackie as a homemaker. Eventually, Joe and Jackie became the managers of Bryans Road Trailer Park. Joe wasn’t sure he wanted to do this job, but Jackie was determined to be able to manage and juggle the responsibilities. Jackie has enjoyed helping people find their home in the park and has enjoyed talking to and meeting so many people over the years. She also cherished building many lasting relationships.

Jackie was a homemaker and a loving mother. She was the glue of the family. She ran everything like a well-oiled machine. Her devotion to her family, her work as a manager and her support of the community by volunteering when she could, were her incredible strengths.

On a loving note, Jackie always made sure Kim had the whitest cheerleader uniform and boots for her twirling marching parades. She cleaned Dewayne’s trumpet before every high school band gig. Jackie made sure to pack lunch every morning for Joe before he left for work and have a hot meal on the table when he got home.

Jackie also had a few personal interests. She loved liquid embroidery, playing bingo and coloring in coloring books. She liked to do crafts with Joe. He would cast the molds for the ceramics and Jackie would paint them. She loved her flowers in the yard and listened to her wind chimes as she sat on her porch.

Jackie had a stubborn streak which her daughter says gave her the strength to survive after the deaths of her husband and son. Although sometimes his stubbornness brought frustration, it even made him laugh.

Jackie loved her grandchildren so much. Kim says Jackie was wildly excited to be a grandmother. His endless love for them was unlike anything else in his life. And, although she hasn’t met all of her great-grandchildren, she has never stopped talking or thinking about them.

She had many friends who helped her manage her day-to-day life. Jackie’s daughter Kim would like to acknowledge and thank the following people for the support, help and love they have shown her mother.

Margaret Barnard, Kevin Nagey, Leona, Kathy Woods, Kirk, Daniel Wood, John Wood and John Chase. Another tribute to Dave Gleason – Jackie enjoyed the weekly Monday morning meetings, discussions and the stories they shared. And finally, a special thank you to Jim Pailthorpe for his continued support and belief in her throughout the years with the management of the trailer park.

For all of the above, your endless love for Jackie has never gone unnoticed and will forever be appreciated and remembered by her family. Without all of you, his life would have been empty, lonely and difficult.

We all have to laugh at her funny nicknames that she would call some people like Kevin… aka “#@$#head”. Haha! She loved when Daniel cooked on the grill. When John came to help him catch a mouse. She loved bingo with Kathy. Shopping and chatting with Margaret. And her conversations and banter with Kevin and Leona’s caring attitude. And lastly, she loved and appreciated John Chase for his endless support and making sure she got to her appointments and the love he shared with her for her son.

Jackie also loved her pets like children. She almost went too far in spoiling and pampering them. But that was his personality. She loved them so much that she had them buried in the same cemetery to be near them when that day came.

After the deaths of her husband and son, Jackie appeared tired, her health began to deteriorate, and her enthusiasm for life waned. However, Jackie’s faith in God has always been strong. Jackie attended the Lutheran Church of Our Savior in Bryans Road and was grateful for every moment she and Joe shared in the church.

In conclusion, Jackie’s daughter Kim hopes her mom dances to Elvis music with Joe, watches a football game in Washington with her son Dewayne, and makes fun of him harassing his friend John Chase when they played against the Dallas Cowboys. And finally, Kim hopes her mom listens to Frank Sinatra sing “I DID IT MY WAY,” because she’s certainly lived her life her own way.

The family will receive friends at the funeral on Friday, June 17, 2022 from 11:30 a.m. until time of funeral at 12:30 p.m. Internment Trinity Memorial Gardens, Waldorf, Maryland.

Holders: Mike Engler, Chad Engler, Kevin Nagey, Dave Gleason, John Chase and Kurt Woods.


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