DC Pride’s All-Star Creative Team Makes This Special Issue Must-Read


DC Comics is releasing a new Pride anthology special after last year’s success, and this year is looking to be even bigger with a huge all-star cast.

The all-star range that DC Comics just unveiled for his special Pride makes this annual comic book anthology a must-read for all comic book fans. DC Pride is a 2021 comedy anthology that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community. The first issue was published last June and provided over 80 pages of stories featuring characters like Harley Quinn, Aqualad and Kate Kane’s Batwoman. All of these stories were written by writers and artists who are also part of the community with notable examples like James Tynion IV, Klaus Janson, and Amy Reeder. Now, DC is continuing the tradition in 2022 with an even bigger cast this year.


the DC Pride 2022 The anthology is expected to be 104 pages, which suggests there will be even more content than last year. It’s easy to see why after looking at the table of contents page that was shared. There are currently 12 stories planned, giving the anthology three more than last year, which is exciting because it will give LGBTQ+ characters and creators even more room to shine. The book will also include an introduction by Nicole Maines, the actress who played Dreamer in super girl, becoming the first canon Trans superhero on television. Here’s just a little taste of what she says:

“Representation is something that so many people take for granted. But as queer people, we have always understood not only its necessity, but also its power. To see yourself in the media you consume is to validate a way that says, ‘You are not alone.'”

This wonderfully worded introduction by Nicole Maines sets the stage for what’s to come: a cast of star writers and artists who are sure to make this year’s hit. DC Pride the best yet.

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The starry ensemble of writers and artists who DC Comics collected for this anthology is truly impressive. Devin Grayson kicks things off with “Super Pride.” Grayson has a long history of writing for DC, working on issues of catwoman, Gotham Knights and The Titans; and now she throws her hat in the ring to celebrate her place in the community. She will be followed by other notable writers for DC, including Stephanie Williams, Travis G. Moore, Danny Lore and Ivan Cohen, Alyssa Wong, Tini Howard, Ro Stein and Ted Brandt, Greg Lockard, Dani Fernandez, Stephanie Phillips, and Jadzia Axelrod. Rounding it all off is a special guest writer that DC is really proud to have: Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman from Batman: The Animated Series. All of these writers provide diverse backgrounds to celebrate the diversity of the community, allowing everyone to have someone to connect with in this issue.

DC Pride 2022 Variant Cover

DC Pride 2022 Table of Contents

Of course, what’s a writer without his artist to bring his words to life? While some writers like Ro Stein, Travis G. Moore, and Ted Brandt provide their own artwork, there’s still a huge who’s who of notable LGBTQ+ artists who can get creative too. These artists include Evan Cagle of Superman and catwoman fame, as well as Nick Robles, Meghan Hetrick, Brittney Williams, W. Scott Forbes, Giulio Macaione, Zoe Thorogood, Samantha Dodge, Lynne Yoshii and J. Bone. They will provide absolutely gorgeous artwork based on images provided by DC. With the words of the writers intermixed with the artwork of the artists and their coloring team, this is going to be a beautiful and important anthology.

DC Pride Artwork by Meghan Hetrick

DC Pride artwork by Giulio Macaione

DC Pride artwork by Travis G. Moore

DC Pride artwork by Lynne Yoshii

DC Pride artwork by Brittney Williams

DC Pride artwork by Ted Brandt and Ro Stein

DC Pride 2022 is currently slated to hit comic book store shelves on May 31, in addition to being available digitally the same day. Pre-orders are currently being taken by comic book stores through May 1. With the amount of talent on display here, this new Pride anthology of DC Comics is going to be a must-read as it’s a fabulous celebration of diversity and the people who bring readers’ favorite characters to life.

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Source: DC Comics

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