Creators of Strange New Worlds ‘take Canon very seriously’


The last star trek series on Paramount + dives into hikinghappened. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds tells stories about the Starship Enterprise when Captain Pike (Anson Mount) was in command. Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) and Spock (Ethan Peck) are already on board. Rest assured, Hikers, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is canon.

LR: Ethan Peck, Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn | James Dimmock/Paramount+

Strange new worlds creators Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman were on a Television Critics Association Zoom panel on Feb. 1 with writer Henry Alonso Myers. They discussed the importance of star trek canon in the new show. New episodes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds premiering Thursdays on Paramount+.

All ‘Star Trek’ Shows Coordinate Canon

Kurtzman co-wrote star trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. It now has three live-action series, an anime series, and more live-action in development. They don’t just fly away Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

I think anyone who has ever traveled the world of star trek knows that they inherit the canon. This kind of fires both ways. We keep absolute track of it, we have writers on all staff who keep track of it, we have a frequent showrunner meeting where the showrunners of all the shows get together before the scripts they’re about to write as they’re starting to break up the seasons. And they all share ideas and information about what they’re doing so we can stay ahead of any issues that may arise so we don’t step on our toes.

Alex Kurtzman, Television Critics Association panel, 02/01/22

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Respects Existing Canon

Pike’s fate is predicted by Star Trek: The Original Series and recent movies. Goldsman and Myers know they have a history to respect in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

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“I think we are by nature coloring book people and we like to stay within limits as much as possible,” Goldsman said. “Have been star trek Fans. So the cannon is almost always deliciously difficult, except when it’s really boring. But within reason, we always try to get as close to it as possible. Although we focus English around one thing if we really think it hurts the drama.

Myers agreed.

“We actually take cannon very seriously on the show, because we love it and we don’t want to break it,” Myers said. “But we also want to have fun with it and explore the little hidden areas that haven’t been touched. So I would say we keep a very respectful eye on it all the time.

The show included an aspect of Pike’s canon

The trailer and key art for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds pointed to Pike on horseback. Kurtzman explained where it came from.

“Anyone who knows Captain Pike knows he used to ride horses around Mohave,” Kurtzman said. “I think we liked the idea of ​​taking something very earthly and bringing that feeling and flavor to something that’s usually associated with sci-fi. So I think it spoke to the feeling of nostalgia that permeates the show a lot: the sense of hope, the sense of optimism, the sense of exploration and the spirit of adventure.

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