Create your own book in 5 steps – Royal Examiner


Do you have a story you want to share with your friends and family? Here’s how to create your own book in five steps.

1. Write the story
Write your story in a lined notebook, on a piece of scrap paper, or on the computer. Your story should have:

• An introduction establishing the place and the characters
• A trigger such as an unexpected or surprising event
• A plot, including the obstacles the characters must face and overcome
• An ending that explains how the hero or heroine solved the problem

2. Revise the grammar
Every published book goes through a review process. Therefore, ask a friend, relative or teacher to help you correct your grammar.

3. Make a blanket
The cover of your book should contain a title, the author’s name and an illustration. You can paint or draw your own book cover or use a printed photo.

4. Format the book
Print or transcribe your text on paper; if you wish, create a thank you page and dedicate it to the people who helped you make your project a reality.

5. Bind the book together
Bind the pages of your book together in the correct order. You can use staples or twine. If your book is thick, staple small stacks of pages together, then use decorative tape to secure them.

Lend your book to friends and family while you write the next one.


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