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City worker and U.S. Army veteran Ellis Traylor will take part in the Southern Indiana Honor Flight in just weeks, and members of the local community are invited to help make his trip more memorable.

The Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created to honor United States veterans for all their sacrifices. The program transports veterans to Washington DC and provides on-site transportation to the various war memorials in the nation’s capital.

On the evening of April 23, Ellis along with many local heroes will return to Evansville Regional Airport after touring the capital. Part of the welcome home process includes a project called, Operation Mail Call, which involves veterans receiving and opening letters from home on their flight home.

The mail call is a very personal way to let our veterans know that their sacrifices for our freedoms are appreciated and have not been forgotten. Each vet will receive a Mail Call envelope with cards and letters, and even children’s coloring pages.

The deadline for all letters is April 16. If you are looking to contribute to the success of our local veterans, be sure to send your cards/letters in an envelope addressed as follows, “Operation Mail Call” HFSI-EVV12 PO Box 8234 Evansville, IN 47716, Ellis Traylor. The Veteran’s full name must appear on the outside of the envelope in the lower left corner.

“Mr. Traylor is a man with a heart of gold. The amount of love and reverence we all have for him throughout our city cannot be summed up in a few paragraphs. He has earned our trust, respect and devotion deepest over years of dedicated service to our community,” said Sue Bengert. “Please congratulate Hometown Hero Ellis Traylor for his unwavering support of our country and each and every one of us.”

Another way to help make this flight a success is to donate some items on the Honor Flight wishlist. If you are able to help, you should be able to drop off at the HFSI drop box locations inside the lobby of the Red Cross building. Items needed include: full-size and fun candy bars, individual antibacterial wipes, individual boxes of raisins, travel size hand sanitizer, lip balm/chapsticks, individually wrapped hard candies and small packs of chewing gum of 6 pieces or less.

Donations are accepted April 4-8, 2022, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

According to Honor Flight staff, there are approximately 85 veterans and 85 Guardians who will participate in this year’s Honor Flight.

“Ellis Traylor will be on the next honor flight!” Please help us make it a special experience for our friend! Let’s get as many people in Hopkins County as possible to welcome Ellis and all of our veterans home on April 23. Your letters of thanks are also welcome! Please help spread the word,” Hopkins County Chamber President Libby Spencer said.

The welcome parade will take place at 8:30 p.m., April 23, at the Evansville Regional Airport.

For more information, contact the Chamber of Commerce.


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