Can we have too many pens, pencils, notebooks? I think not.


When I left San Diego in the summer of 2019, I only took about a third of the books I owned with me on my journey through the Pacific Northwest. I went to Ikea and bought exactly one Billy bookcase, swearing that I would only keep the number of books that fit this bad boy in the future. That was, of course, a feat easier said than done, and I’ll probably buy a second crate this year because I didn’t care who? But I’ve more or less managed, even when acquiring new books, to stick to this singular Billy through a very precise, not at all chaotic strategy, which I like to call “pushing books into literally any empty space”, which consists of placing several face titles in each row of this shelf.

And here’s a little secret: behind these top titles, there’s more than just more books. I use these titles on the front to hide my secret shame, that is, I own it. many. notebooks. Muchos. Many. Floral planners, gold planners, green planners, old fashioned vintage notebooks, more than I’m likely to have in my lifetime. For each one I buy, I probably get three more from people who know I have a penchant for jotting down to-do lists and random thoughts in nicely bound collections of paper. Then I have to buy pens and pencils to combine them and that’s it.

Do I intend to address this obsession in any meaningful way? No. In 2022, I will not deprive myself of any small happiness. If you too enjoy collecting cute paper goods, allow me to feed your habit with a collection of adorable notebooks, diaries, and related accessories. Bonus: most items are on sale until February 16!


Oh look, the phrase I whisper to myself a hundred times a week. This darling mini notebook is a little reminder that we all do our best. $12

a salmon pink notebook with black, white, pink, green and yellow abstract shapes that look like cats

Mini notebooks come in a variety of designs, like this one cool cat design. I’m both feeling the disembodied kitty vibes, but I’m loving this too? $12

a mini notebook in a colorful rainbow plaid pattern

I was once one of those queens of darkness who only wore black, but I’ve learned to embrace color in my wardrobe and accessories. The burst of color in this Block Party Notebook instantly puts me in a better mood. Original price $12, sale price $8

a set of three notebooks of increasing sizes;  the two larger ones are floral themed, the smaller west one is green with pink and red text that reads

I love having a stylish notebook handy wherever I go, a perfect, compact place to keep my shopping lists, recipe ideas, or books to add to my TBR. This notebook set gives you three different size options, perfect for on-the-go notebooks. Original price $15, sale price $8


a small notebook with a floral and light pink hexagonal patchwork pattern.  The floral patchwork is in light blue bright pink, green and dark red

I love the patchwork and floral details of this 12 month planner. Other great features include a pocket on the inside back cover, color-coded month tabs and three pages for stickers, and the convenient elastic band closure. Original price $27, sale price $13

a strawberry-themed planner laid flat, on the sides are rolls of washi tape, assorted pens, sticker sets and smaller notebooks

This average size 17 month academic planner in the strawberry print it’s so cute! It features year, month, and week views, notes pages, lots of stickers, notes of encouragement, a coloring page, a “choose your own calm” quiz, and adorable illustrations. Original price $29, sale price $14

Pens and pencils

set of three pens: one in solid gold, one in rainbow plaid and one in pink rose pattern.

Pretty paper deserves pretty pens, you know? This Coming Up Roses Pen Set comes in three of my favorite types of prints: a delicate floral, a colorful stripe and solid gold, baby. Original price $14, sale price $6

set of pencils in assorted colors, each containing phrases like

You need to be kind to yourself and not be perfect, and not just because this set of Write On pencils says so. I would buy this set for that lovely purple pencil alone. Original price $10, sale price $6

Other accessories

a rectangular pencil/pen case with a pink pattern on a cream background

So now that you have your cute pens and pencils, you need a nice place to put them. cream pouch and floral pattern is simply lovely. Original price $14, sale price $9

five rolls of washi tape in a stack, designs are in floral, pink and pastel colors

I only recently discovered the wonderful world of washi tape and now I put it on ev-uh-ree-thing. Imagine me organizing my storage closet last weekend singing “Tape tape tape tape tape tape tape” to the tune of Rihanna Birthday cake: true story. This set of paper strips comes with five scrolls in pastel colors and floral designs. Original price $11, sale price $8

a set of planner accessories: bookmarks, pencil sharpener, stickers, washi tape and a pink pouch

For those who like to take their planner organization to the next decorative level, enter this ultimate planner pack. It comes with a multicolored pencil, a bookmark, two sticker sheets, a sharpener and other goodies, plus this cute pink pouch. Original price $20, sale price $8

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