CALM organizes an annual spring adventure for families


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — This week, CALM is hosting its annual Spring Adventure. A time when children and their families can interact with animal experts and learn about the importance of animal health care.

“I think one of the things is once you learn about these animals and once you make a connection, you empathize with them more, you have more respect for them, and that’s very important to what we do at CALM as well as our mission,” said zoo director Lana Fain.

Fain said kids can participate in seed planting, a train ride and even zookeeper presentations. She adds that one of their most popular attractions this year has been their new veterinary check-up area, where kids can have their stuffed animals checked out by CALM medical staff.

Dr. Leslie Healis, the CALM vet, adds that it allowed the kids to learn all about the steps of keeping pets right in front of them.

“We actually bring in kids who bring their little stuffed animals, any stuffed animal. We listen to their hearts, check their eyes and ears, and just make sure they’re healthy. We then send them home with a bandage and a health certificate.

Fain said that as kids learn all about the different animals, their habitats and their food, they can also sit down and create their own memorable crafts to take home. She adds that with many families arriving this week for spring, community help is welcome.

“We have coloring pages where you can make a bunny or fox hat, or you can make the fabric bloom. So you can do all three things, or you can do one thing. If you love people, you love kids, you can help us do some cute little crafts here, it’s fun when you volunteer here.

CALM encourages anyone who is sixteen or older come and volunteer in spring.


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