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There’s a special bond between humans and livestock, and that bond is celebrated in a new children’s book written by Mitchell, South Dakota producer Amanda Radke and illustrated by Michelle Weber.

“C is for Care” presents special care for food and dairy animals in an A-Z format. It is the newest agriculture-focused children’s book from Ag Storytellers and was produced in collaboration with the animal health company Zoetis.

“We know the relationship between humans and livestock is a two-way street. Our customers care for the animals and look after them so the animals can support us,” said Becky Lambert, vice president of marketing. cattle in the United States at Zoetis. “Helping to educate the next generation of consumers about the responsible care that beef and dairy producers provide their animals every day is tremendously valuable.”

For Radke and Weber, this book is the kind of story they are passionate about sharing.

“As livestock producers ourselves, we want to share the positive story of animal production agriculture,” Radke said. “This project helps us tell the story of livestock care with young children and their families, so that future generations can appreciate the love and dedication that American beef and dairy producers put into animal husbandry. healthy animals.”

The journey from A to Z shares the many special moments of care animals receive every day from cattlemen and veterinarians on America’s farms and ranches. The book is now available on the Ag Storytellers site at https://agstorytellers.myshopify.com/pages/our-library.


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