Brighten up Aloy’s adventure with this Horizon Zero Dawn coloring book


Hot on the heels of the Horizon Zero Dawn comic book series, Titan Comics has announced an official Horizon Zero Dawn coloring book.

Featuring comic book art, this will allow you to put your own spin on the game’s enemies as well as Aloy and her allies. For example, you can give the mighty Sawtooth a multicolored makeover or ditch Aloy’s signature red locks. According to a tweet from Guerilla, the coloring book will go on sale in a few days on July 19.

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Once considered a hobby for children, coloring books are quickly becoming a popular pastime for adults. And from the few pages we’ve seen so far, the designs featured in this Horizon-themed offering look intricate and beautifully detailed. In addition to Aloy, the preview pages show fan favorites Talanah and Erend. It’s available for pre-order now, and you can pick it up at comic shops, bookstores, or straight from the Titan Comics website for $14.99 / £12.99.

If you’re looking for more Horizon merchandise, Lego recently launched a blocky version of the iconic Tallneck, complete with a tiny Aloy who can sit victoriously on top. The set has 1222 pieces and is well worth the effort it takes to put together. If you’d rather stick to games, a brand new patch for Horizon Forbidden West has added three fancy new graphics options for the PS5 version of Aloy’s latest adventure.

Horizon Forbidden West is just one of many great titles you can play right now on Sony’s latest console. See the rest in our guide to best ps5 games.


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