Boy protected by Tulsa Fire Department during hostage situation


A young boy involved in a hostage situation this week is safe with Tulsa Fire Department at Station 22.

Station 22 firefighters were called to help someone who was stabbed on Wednesday.

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They said they saw a little boy outside alone in the back of a truck when they arrived home.

Large quickly told his captain, he was on it.

“Hey, I got the kid, I’ll take care of him,” Lt. Large said.

The Tulsa Fire Department uses backpacks filled with children’s toys and items to help break ice and communicate with children in emergency situations.

“Each backpack can hold anything like a stuffed animal, coloring books, toiletries, hair items they can play with. Just something to make them special and feel loved when the situation is a life-changing situation that they’re called to,” Large said.

Large said he immediately grabbed one for the boy.

“I spoke with the little boy, made sure he was ok to talk to me, asked if he liked the toys. I started to open the backpack and while I was doing it, the little boy looked at me and said mom was in the bathroom and she was bleeding,” Grand said.

Firefighters tried to get inside to help and that’s when a man in the house shot firefighters and law enforcement.

“So immediately I understood that the young child pulled him out of the back of the van and hid behind the 22 ladder for safety,” Large said.

Its captain told News 9 that being a firefighter means you have to think quickly, even if a gun is pointed at you.

Lt. Large did just that and potentially saved the boy’s life.

“At that time, and even today, I feel like I’m doing the job that I was trained to do. I was put – that the good Lord put me in this situation at this precise moment. But I also know that no matter what induvial was there, or was in my position, would have done the same thing,” Large said.

And above all, he is happy that the little boy is safe.

“Knowing that this child is safe and maybe with other family members or in custody where he can be safe, it warms my heart. And I just want to make sure we reiterate the beauty Joy in the Cause backpacks that gave us this opportunity to talk to this kid,” Large said.


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