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Bradley L Bowers, the latest designer to join the roster of Wolf-Gordon Curated Collection designers, has developed four new designs for the half-century-old surface design company. CHROMALIS by Bradley L Bowers is an exploration of color, form and movement, bringing the influence of optical illusions and dimension to three upholstery textiles and a wallcovering. CHROMALIS is produced through digital modeling software and creatively influenced by a variety of Bowers’ personal interests, including art, gardening and physics.

“Bradley has a stunning sense of color. Combined with his organic, optical and, at times, mysterious patterns, we believe we are offering the contract market a truly exciting new set of options with Chromalis,” said Marybeth Shaw, Director of creation, marketing and design.

“When developing Chromalis, I explored color as an equalizer that creates perspective in a space, allowing the pattern to add differentiation. I enjoy challenging the need for uniformity in patterns while understanding the importance of balancing a design,” said Bowers, artist and designer.

Wall cover
Borealis, the only wallcovering in the series, is a gradient pattern inspired by the spectacular phenomenon of color and light that is the Aurora Borealis. Large in size and design, the pattern is defined by its subtle color variations and dizzying vertical strokes. Like the Northern Lights, each color represents the ever-changing nature of life.

Graffito, a furnishing textile, is a fusion between impressionism and street art. Two unlikely art forms come together to combine layers of brushstrokes with the purity and intensity of spray paint. Outlines and intentional markings turn into figures that are found throughout the design.

Phantom, furnishing textile, is inspired by moire effects. Bowers has programmed algorithms to generate intersecting lines that create the illusion of form and depth from a myriad of angles.

Fauna, furnishing textile, is inspired by aerial shots of a landscape. As in all of his designs, Bowers challenged the need for uniformity within this pattern. From a piece of paper or a mound of clay, the designer was able to image a landscape by manipulating each medium. The pattern has been transformed by changes in perspective and geometry.

The upholstery textiles of the CHROMALIS series are made on high performance Supreen fabrics. Supreen is a revolutionary construction that combines advanced woven and coated technologies to create a unique PVC-free liquid barrier textile. The result is a hardwearing upholstery fabric with a luxurious look and surprisingly supple hand.

Curated Collection
The Curated Collection allows interior design specifiers to incorporate distinctive imagery from a select group of artists, with the added flexibility of various modification options, including size, scale, coloring and even color. printing substrate. The Curated Collection’s digital wallcoverings become feature walls in interiors, making projects unique and site-specific, whether behind a headboard or reception desk, in a customer waiting area, a restaurant or an office space. Working closely with WG Customs Lab, designers can choose from a variety of substrates including textured embossed and PVC-free vinyl wallcoverings, Mylar finishes, felts and textile materials, acrylic panels, window films , as well as Wolf-Gordon’s RAMPART wall protection for high impact areas.


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