Book inspired by the Chesterfield children killed in the Glass Road fire


CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — It’s been just over a year since a house fire in Chesterfield killed six people, including four children.

A year later, the community is still finding special ways to honor the young lives lost on Glass Road in April 2021.

Family friend Vonettia Calloway has created a coloring book to remember two of the young children who died in the fire.

“Every time I think about it, my heart breaks,” she said.

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Iyah and JuJu

Calloway created a story with the personalities of Iyah and JuJu, finding a way to put the pain into the goal for the entire community to continue to remember them.

She said Juju could be a bit defiant, but he was observant. She Iyah had an adorable high-pitched voice that made you laugh.

    My color is coconut.

Vonettia Calloway

Coloring book for children My color is coconut

Calloway said her coloring storybook, My Color is Coconut, is based on a conversation Iyah had with her.

She said that Iyah would say her color was coconut when people asked her what color she was. When they replied that it was caramel or cream, Iyah then insisted that its color be coconut because coconuts have no color, Calloway recalled.

“I feel like I’m saying so many things,” Calloway said. “No matter where we come from, no matter what our families are like, we are all important and unique.”

Calloway surprised the family with the coloring book to help spread joy and hope as the community reflects and remembers and reads and colors each page.

“The more they spread it and share it, I hope it helps ease the pain,” she said.

Iyah and JuJu

Provided to WTVR

Iyah and JuJu

Calloway’s goal is to get enough donated books to distribute to all of the children’s classmates.

She also sells them with the funds going to the families. You can buy one here.

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