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Gel Pen Buying Guide

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Why buy gel pens?

Whether you’re just taking notes, doodling, or writing a letter, gel pens are a great way to spruce up any plain sheet of paper. Gel pens generally come in different pen thicknesses of colors, and some even contain erasable ink.

What should you look for in gel pens?

  • Colors: Consider the colors you will need for your writing or art project and whether the selection meets your needs. Some sets will include every hue and shade you can imagine, possibly in glitter or metallic form. Others may be more subdued and offer neutral tones, while some brands offer a basic black pen for everyday use.
  • Thickness: Gel pens generally come in a range of tip sizes, so you can opt for fine tips if you do more detailed work or regular tip sizes for everyday writing. Tip sizes typically range from 0.3mm to 1.0mm.
  • Left-handed or right-handed: Some gel pens even have comfortable grips designed for both right-handed and left-handed writers; some are left-handed only.

What special ink effects do gel pens have?

Some gel pens have erasable ink, which is a great option for those practicing their handwriting, doing math, or even writing in a journal. Some gel pens even have a marbled effect, where the ink comes out different colors when writing. Gel pens are water-based inks that take longer to dry and can smudge if you’re not careful. There are also waterproof inks on the market.

Our picks for the best gel pens

Best choice

Shuttle Art Gel Pen Set

A unique gel pen set with 120 colors in litter, neon glitter, metallic, neon, pastel, swirl and standard.

Benefits: This value pack of gel pens has everything you need and more to create fun doodles and patterns. Inside the cute travel packaging are 120 unique gel pens. The pens are available in seven different color types: Glitter, Neon Glitter, Metallic, Neon, Pastel, Swirl, and Standard. The pens are non-toxic and acid-free. Use them for all your projects, including scrapbooks, sketches, drawing, writing, and even bullet journaling.

The inconvenients: Some colors may require priming before writing, and it may be difficult to get the ink to flow.

Conclusion: Each gel pen is long-lasting, with long-lasting tips that deliver smooth writing quality. With a large size and a variety of color types, you can use them for most art projects or lettering.

Better with refills

Soucolor Gel Pens

Pack of 122 gel pens equipped with a comfortable easy-to-hold grip.

Benefits: This set of gel pens comes in a great carrying case for on the go. There are 60 pens in this set, and it also comes with 60 assorted color refills and an adult coloring book. This set includes six types of pens, including glitter, pastel, neon, rainbow, and classic. Each pen is fitted with a comfort grip, making it easy to hold and comfortable for writing and drawing. The pens are available in 0.8mm and 1.0mm nibs.

The inconvenients: Although this pack comes with refills, there is no way to purchase additional refills once they run out.

Conclusion: These gel pens dry quickly, so there will be no smudging, which is great for coloring books.

Ideal for everyday use

PILOT premium gel pens

Perfect for the gifted, this pack of 12 premium gel pens are refillable and retractable in ultra-fine, extra-fine, fine and bold tips.

Benefits: The retractable pilot G2 gel pen is ideal for the gifted with its smooth writing and long-lasting ink. This pen has a comfortable rubber grip and is available in ultra-fine, extra-fine, fine and bold nibs. The pen can be refilled and is great for writing or taking notes at school.

The inconvenients: Ink can become rough over time.

Conclusion: This gel pen is an exceptional writing instrument well suited to most needs, whether writing or doodling your favorite sketch.

The greatest set

Benefits: This gel pen set comes with 160 pens neatly stored in a carrying case, along with five coloring sheets for practice. The set includes 80 pens with 80 assorted refills, including glitter, metallic, pastel, neon, rainbow and classic pens. The set contains 40% more ink in each pen and refill so they last longer. The nibs are 0.8-1.0mm nibs with soft grips for added comfort.

The inconvenients: Metallic, neon, and pastel pens don’t color as well.

Conclusion: The coloring gel pen set is non-toxic and acid-free, allowing smooth application on coloring books, crafts, letters, etc.

Best with permanent ink

Benefits: This 12-pack features smooth, bold ink that meets stunning design to create a high-performance gel pen. It features smudge-free, smudge-free technology and delivers consistently vivid writing. The pens each have a contoured rubber grip for comfortable use.

The inconvenients: It is not a quick dry pen and the 0.7mm may skip when writing.

Conclusion: The sleek and modern design of this pen is eye-catching and provides most people with a great finish and writing experience.

Final Thoughts

Gel pens are an exceptionally fun type of pen that comes in different colors, writing applications, and can come with a comfortable grip for your writing and doodling needs. The vibrantly colored inks are sure to bring endless fun to your projects.


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