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Which dragon kite is the best?

Dragon kites can be traced back to ancient China. Today they are a fun outdoor activity for the whole family. Dragon kites look like any other standard kite, but with a unique twist. Their bodies often have a hollow skeletal shape, giving them a three-dimensional appearance. They are brightly colored with reds, blues, yellows and oranges and they have long tails to add to their cool aerial movements.

The best dragon kite is the Wind N Sun 3D Dragon Kite, which is an extra large kite with stunning colors, quality graphics, 3D fiberglass structure and extended dragon tail.

What to know before buying a dragon kite

Single line kites

Single-line kites make up the majority of hobbyist kite styles. They involve a line that runs from the kite to the spool. This makes controlling the kite very easy – you only have to concentrate on one string. If you are buying a kite for a child, you should consider nothing more than a single line. They work great in gentle breezes, allowing you to fly even when the weather might not be best suited for kite flying.

Stunt kites

Stunt kites take things up a notch as they involve a double line. These have two separate lines running from the outer edges – or in this case, the dragon’s wings – to two separate coils. With two different directional controls, you can make the kite spin, flip and spin. Stunt kites are best suited for experienced kites who have done everything they can with single line kites. If you want to progress from there, there are also four-line stunt kites, which are quite complicated to maneuver and designed for professional competition.

Kite Safety

Kite flying is a fairly safe outdoor activity. As long as you are not flying in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, or very high winds, you are unlikely to encounter any safety issues. Other than the weather, the only thing you want to watch out for is other people around the kite. If you are not experienced in kite flying, you can easily lose control of the kite as it soars towards the ground. This can potentially injure someone below. Therefore, you must ensure that the wind does not gust over 10 miles per hour and that you have full control over the line. Another thing to keep in mind are objects like trees and power lines, which should be avoided at all costs.

What to Look for in a Quality Dragon Kite

dragon tail

Dragons are iconic creatures. Their massive outstretched wings, thick, scaly skin, and fire-breathing mouths make them one of the most well-known mythological creatures in human history. Even with these fierce traits, a dragon wouldn’t be complete without a long tail. Luckily for kite enthusiasts, dragon tails can dramatically improve your kite. Most dragon kites have tails that extend several feet from the kite itself. These not only improve stability in mid-flight, but they also add a cool look to your dragon as it soars through the air.

Nylon ripstop

Choosing the right materials for your kite is very important. If your kite is not made with ripstop nylon, you risk tearing the material in strong winds. Ripstop nylon is as it should be: it’s made of tightly woven nylon, which makes it hard to tear. This is ideal for kite flying as your kite may encounter stronger winds in the air than what you experience on the ground. The tight weave will also keep the wind from slipping through the kite making it better at staying in the air.

3d kites

3D kites are a variety of kites that use an internal structure, much like an exoskeleton, that gives shape to your kite. While it might not be the most aerodynamic version of a kite, it certainly adds a great aesthetic touch. This 3D structure is particularly appreciated by dragon kites because it gives the mythical creature a hollow and light body. These exoskeletons are ideally made with fiberglass, which is lightweight but strong enough to withstand high winds.

How much you can expect to spend on a dragon kite

A good starter dragon kite costs between $15 and $35 and you can usually find a range of sizes and aesthetics in this price range. More traditional and detailed, advanced dragon kites can exceed $100 and are usually much larger.

Dragon Kite FAQ

When is the best weather to fly a kite?

A. The ideal weather for kiting is a clear, sunny day in mid-spring or summer. If there is too much wind, you can potentially damage your kite. And too little wind won’t lift it off the ground. The perfect kite day calls for winds of 5-10 miles per hour.

What are the best tips for flying a kite?

A. It is ideal to have another person with you to hold the kite at a safe distance from the string holder. This way you get the kite safely without running. The carrier of the kite must hold it as high as possible in the air in order to catch the wind. If the wind isn’t strong enough, you can both run in the same direction to help generate your own lift.

What is the best dragon kite to buy?

High Kite Dragon

Wind N Sun 3D Dragon Kite

What do you want to know: This brightly colored dragon kite from Wind N Sun takes on a three-dimensional shape in the air for a cool flying effect.

What you will love: The 3D dragon is 76 inches long and 74 inches wide, which is well worth the price. The wings are multicolored with a splashing color pattern that resembles a rain of fire. The interior has a fiberglass structure while the exterior is made of quality ripstop nylon.

What you should consider: You will need to fly this kite with caution due to its unique structure.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best dragon kite for money

Mint Colorful Life Dragon Kite

Mint Colorful Life Dragon Kite

What do you want to know: This affordable and easy to use kite has the traditional kite shape, but includes a large dragon design.

What you will love: Unlike more expensive dragon kites, this one retains the pyramid shape of classic kites and then includes some cool dragon-like features. You can choose between a fire or ice dragon, each with flamed edges, a long tail, and elongated streamers on either side.

What you should consider: This is a flat kite, not a 3D dragon kite.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Classic flying dragon kite

Classic flying dragon kite

What do you want to know: This dragon kite is inspired by the classic dragon look with an improved 3D shape and bright colors.

What you will love: The best part about this kite is the unique spinning tail, which has an elongated corkscrew that spins while the dragon is in the air. The kit itself measures 55 x 62 inches and includes a sturdy 3D structure. Before the dragon tail corkscrews, you will notice a yellow and red flame.

What you should consider: This kite is slightly smaller than other 3D dragon kites.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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