Basic art supplies to keep around the house for the kids


Having access to art supplies allows children to express themselves. It gives them an outlet to be creative through different mediums and lets their imaginations run wild during the art-making process. And while there are a plethora of supplies on the market for kids, not all of them are necessary. But that being said, to keep the artistic juices of the budding Picassos alive, there are some basic art supplies to keep around the house for the kids.

When kids make art, they’re able to work on their emotions, work on their motor skills, tinker with science, hone their problem-solving skills, and more. What may look like an image for parents is much more. And that’s why children need access to basic art supplies so they can grow emotionally and developmentally in ways that, without art, wouldn’t be possible.

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Here are the basic art supplies to keep at home for the kids.

Scissors are a basic art supply

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When children have scissors at their disposal, they have the opportunity to transform the paper into any object of their choice. They can cut oversized objects into usable sizes. They can even turn straight lines into curvy lines.

While doing all this by creating, according to Continuedchildren also work on motor skills, concentration and attention, strengthen their hand muscles, etc.

There are quite a few things that get done when scissors are used to create art.

washable paint

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Washable paints are ideal for children of all ages. Whether it’s young children who tend to make a mess or even older children who have the occasional art mishap, washable paints come off clothes and most surfaces easily. And for that reason, parents don’t hesitate when kids ask to paint as inspiration strikes.


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Crayons are one of the most basic and necessary art supplies that parents should have available for their children. Indeed, crayons are a great way for children to work on their motor skills, grip strength and dexterity, according to The OT Toolbox. All of this is done by creatively exploring the world of color that a box of crayons offers.

Markers are a basic art supply

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Many children are drawn to markers because of their bright colors and the ease with which they are used. Using markers brings out the color of the page and really makes it stand out more than any other art medium used.


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Drawing with chalk allows children to explore art on a completely different canvas than on paper.

Because kids are told to stay on the paper when drawing, sidewalk art allows kids to draw as big or small as they want. And not only can they draw pictures, but they can also draw and develop games with this medium.

Watercolors are a basic art supply

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When it comes to paints, watercolors are some of the most fun for kids and one of the easiest cleanups for parents. As such, that makes it a win-win when it comes to art.

According to Kadambari, watercolors are a hit with children, not only because of their ease of use, but also because of their appearance. They appear to be “enlightened from within”. Because of this, the fact that they are non-toxic, and the few materials required to use them, watercolors are a basic art supply to have in a home.

Colouring pencils

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Crayons are what many kids turn to when they’ve mastered how to hold crayons properly. But in addition to being easier to hold than pencils, they also allow more “control of detail and depth” in the artwork than any other coloring medium, according to Lori McNee. As such, they make great art essentials in any home.

Construction paper is a basic art supply

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When kids have construction paper around the house, they have the opportunity to create a lot of art projects. Indeed, not only can the pages be colored, but they can also be cut and glued to make a masterpiece. Imagination is the only thing that stops what can be created.


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To assemble the creations that come to mind for children, they will need glue. Whether it’s school glue or glue stick depends on the age of the child. But with a little glue, any masterpiece is possible.

Source: ContinuEd, The OT Toolkit, Kadambari, Lori McNee

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