Author Margo Joy announces the release of the second book in the Lucky Ladybug children’s series


Learn with us! Lucky Ladybug and her friends! by Margo Joy

Lucky Ladybug Author Margo Joy Lessons From The Heart series

Author Margo Joy, Lucky Ladybug, Lessons From The Heart series

“Learn with us! Lucky Ladybug and her friends!” Second release of Margo Joy’s book. Lucky Ladybug, Lessons From The Heart, children’s book series.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, Aug. 8, 2022 / — Learning is fun and engaging with the Lucky Ladybug series, Lessons from the Heart. Lucky Ladybug features her friends Bubbly Butterfly, Buddy Bee, Flashy Fly and Toodaloo Turtle in this second book in the series. Together they teach important lessons in engaging videos and on every page of print books, e-books and coloring books, including a song about every lesson and activity available in audio books and music albums, and d other resources that reiterate the importance of each. lesson in the book and the value of sharing, caring, beauty from within; school learning, happiness, honesty, listening, respect, forgiveness, giving, finding yourself, patience, musical instruments, singing, drama, reading, friendship, dancing, teamwork, relaxation, fun, cooking, nutrition, alphabet, numbers, time, confidence, acceptance, achievement, chasing your dreams and more. Have fun learning with Lucky Ladybug and her friends!

Although developed for ages 0-6, children of all ages, and even adults, can find a special connection with the main character, the lovable and affectionate Lucky Ladybug. Lucky Ladybug comes to life in a way that lights up children’s lives and homes, filling them with positive energy and love while teaching them important life lessons. Toddlers and preschoolers couldn’t get enough of Lucky Ladybug’s first book, “Be A Better You” and “Learn With Us! Lucky Ladybug And Friends!” promises to have the same charming effect.

Learn with us! Lucky Ladybug And Friends!: Lucky Ladybug (Lessons from the Heart) by Margo Joy is currently available in all bookstores, online platforms, including Amazon. Get a copy of the book today on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Toddlers and preschoolers are thrilled with the official Lucky Ladybug YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe HERE and enjoy all of the Lucky Ladybug and Friends music, books, and animated cartoon videos!

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About the Author
Meet Margo Joy, an accomplished recording artist, singer, songwriter, actress, voice-over artist, producer, cantor, reverend, creator and author of the Lucky Ladybug series, which is available in print, ebook, audiobook, video, songs, activity books, and merchandise. Inspired by her love for ladybugs and how they have brought her luck since childhood, Margo created the series to brighten children’s lives and homes with high vibrations of positive energy and love, while teaching the importance of friendship and kindness. Her goal is for Lucky Ladybug to reach out to others to bring luck, love, faith, and abundance through God. Margo believes Lucky Ladybug will bring blessings to many. To learn more, visit

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“Learn With Us” Lucky Ladybug Song by Margo Joy


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