Animal Crossing villagers who aren’t real animals


There are many different types of villagers in animal crossing and almost all of them are based on real animals, but how many of them aren’t? On their island New Horizonsa player is allowed to have up to 10 villagers living in houses and some make it their mission to group different types together like having only cat villagers or the infamous ugly animal crossing village island. Villagers can really make or break someone’s experience in the game, and people have even gone so far as to completely restart their game in order to get rid of a villager they hated, so the anticipation of enter the tent whenever someone stops is high. .


With a total of 460 villagers in total across the various animal crossing games, it’s understandable that not all of them can be based on a real animal. Each villager has their own unique style and personality, but these can sometimes overlap and lose creativity. Many people have proposed new animal crossing villagers based on real animals and it could also open up the possibility for new non-animal types to enter the game as well. It would also give them more villagers to assign personalities to and have more options for designing houses.

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Over the past 20 years, many villagers have come and gone from the roster, but there are plenty who have stuck around game after game. Although there is great diversity in animal crossing each of these villagers boils down to one species and one personality type. Some of these species are beloved, but there are other species that people really don’t want to see in the next one. animal crossing game coming out. Although these villagers technically have the same form as other villagers of their type, they are technically not animals. These villagers are based around food, robots, and – interestingly – crafting materials.

Stitches is a toy more than a real animal in ACNH

Animal Crossing villagers that aren't based on real animal points

Stitches is a lovable villager with a lazy personality trait. Stitches likes to play, which makes sense since it’s based on a kid’s stuffed animal. He has multicolored spots all over his body as if stitched together and also has stitched eyes. For the renovation of his house, he asks for a toy box and has children’s furniture and bright colors in his house. He also has a goal of becoming a lawyer in the future, which would make for an interesting sight to see. He is globally popular with players and is the one most would be happy to welcome to their islands in animal crossing.

Pietro the Sinister Clown in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing villagers that aren't based on real animals

Pietro, the smug sheep villager, is one of the most controversial villagers in animal crossing. Although he mostly looks like a sheep, he’s very clearly based on a clown more than a real-world animal. Its brightly colored wool and its face painted with a heart and red lips bear an uncanny resemblance to a clown. These traits are what make him really hated by many players who are not clown fans. He enjoys crafting and aims to be an artist, which makes sense for his character.

Clay’s Animal Crossing design is based on clay figures

Animal Crossing villagers that aren't based on real animals

Clay is a hamster villager modeled after Japanese dogū, which are small clay figurines. He is very colorful and has a mask around his eyes that looks like glasses. He is a lazy villager and has the hobby of nature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Clay’s goal is to become an archaeologist, and he even has his own dig site-themed room.

Nindori The GameCube Villager is more machine than animal

Animal Crossing villagers that aren't based on real Nindori animals

This villager is one of the few as he only appeared in the Japanese exclusive Animal Forest e+ if the player had their e-reader card, but that doesn’t make it any less important to the roster. Nindori is actually designed after the orange version of the Nintendo GameCube. Supposedly the reason it has the ugly sunken eyes is to look like the ports on the controller, which is an awful thought in and of itself.

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Nindori’s designers also included markings on the side of his head to resemble the console grilles. The shirt he starts in has the original GameCube logo on it, which is a nice touch. He is a jock that looks like an ostrich but is also considered a robot villager, of which there are five.

Animal Crossing robot villagers still have animal designs

Animal Crossing villagers that aren't based on real animals Robot Villagers

The five robot villagers are Nindori, Sprocket, Ribbot, Del, and Cephalobot. Sprocket is similar to Nindori as he is a jock ostrich. Its head is fully mechanical, but the rest of its body appears to have feathers like a regular ostrich. Sprocket loves playing the guitar and has music as a hobby. Ribbot is a jock villager who has the appearance of a frog. Unlike Sprocket, Ribbot appears to be entirely mechanical, including his legs and torso, and even makes mechanical noises when walking around. Oddly enough, when it’s raining, Ribbot doesn’t pull out an umbrella, serving as a reminder that he’s technically one of the cutest. animal crossing villagers frogs. He loves fitness and wants to become an astronaut.

Del is one of the alligator villagers and is the grumpy personality type. It is supposed to be named after the Japanese battleship Yamato with references to the ship in its design and the fact that it has portholes on the side of its head. It has blue metallic coloring on the top of its head and red on its jaw, which resembles the color style of battleships. He enjoys fitness as a hobby and wants to become a firefighter. Last, but not least, of the robot villagers is Cephalobot. He is an octopus who is unique in that he is the only sufficient villager in animal crossing who has the hobby of gambling. His whole body is made of silver metal and he also has glowing yellow eyes.

Food-Based Animal Crossing Villagers Have Weird Implications

Animal Crossing villagers that aren't based on real animals

A strange decision that the creators of animal crossing was to include villagers that appear to be made out of food. There are ten different animal crossing villagers who fall into this category. The Meringue is the first. It’s an adorable rhinoceros that looks like a strawberry shortcake. She has a pink head topped with what looks like whipped cream and a strawberry for her horn. Her goal is rightly to be a pastry chef and she has a normal personality type. Merengue is considered globally liked by fans. Patricia is another rhino who looks a lot like merengue but isn’t very well known because she only appeared in Animal Forest e+. Patricia has a cheese look on her head but has a watermelon for her horn.

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Tangy is a perky cat villager in animal crossing which looks like an orange and has a leaf on its forehead. Chadder is a Mouse Villager who seems to be cheese-based and has the smug personality type. Carrot is a village cow who has the normal personality type but only appeared in Animal Forest e+. She is orange in color like a carrot and has a green tuft for her hair that resembles the green stalk of a carrot. Ketchup is an adorable red duck with a green mark on its forehead, making it look like a tomato, hence the name ketchup.

Zucker is an octopus and one of the most popular villagers in animal crossing. It resembles the popular Japanese snack known as takoyaki, which is a fried ball of dough with octopus inside. His design is particularly suitable because he is an octopus and looks like a ball of dough. Frita is a sheep villager with another fitting design for her name. It appears to be made with fries, called fritas or papas fritas in Spanish. Carmen is a bunny villager who looks like ice cream topped with a drizzle of caramel.

The last villager in the food category is also one of the most terrifying villagers in animal crossing. Coco is the village rabbit who looks like a coconut, including the holes normally found in it. She never changes her expression and had blank black eyes and a wide open black mouth. Despite her creepiness, she is one of the most popular animal crossing villager.

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