AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series Review: Great Posture Correction, But Stiff


The AndaSeat Jungle Series 2 ($299.99 MSRP) is the next evolution in the manufacturer’s line of Jungle Series gaming chairs. It takes the form factor and design of the original chair from the Jungle series and upgrades materials with newly developed fabrics and stitching for added style. In line with the company’s goal of “Improving the sitting health of gamers [and] Office Workers’, AndaSeat’s latest chair design focuses on keeping your posture upright while you sit for long periods of time with the help of its neck and lumbar pillows.

Unfortunately, the focus can be too much on posture correction and not enough on comfort. Even lightweight additions like the footrest to aid comfort leave a lot to be desired. If you have serious posture issues while sitting, this might be the chair for you. If not, you might want to do a little more research to find the best gaming chair for you.

Tapestry AD PVC Leather
Tilt 160 degrees
Total height (with base) 49.60 to 53.54 inches (126 to 136 cm)
Seat height (with base) 18-21.5 inches (45.7-54.6cm)
Back height 32.48 inches (82.5cm)
Backrest width (at the shoulders) 22.06 inches (57.5cm)
Sitting area width (total) 20.1 inches (51.1cm)
Width of the seating area (point of contact) 14.17 inches (36cm)
Seating area depth (total) 16.92 inches (43cm)
Armrest width 27.36 inches (69.5cm)
Lowest-highest armrest 23.81 to 30.5 inches (60.5 to 77.5 cm)
Maximum recommended weight 330 pounds (150 kg)
Weight 56.2 lbs (25.5 kg)
guarantee Up to 2 years
Price $299

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series Design

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Anda Seat Jungle Series 2

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Anda Seat Jungle Series 2

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Anda Seat Jungle Series 2

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Anda Seat Jungle Series 2

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Anda Seat Jungle Series 2

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The AndaSeat Jungle Series 2 uses a PVC leatherette vinyl finish with a velvet plush lining fabric that gives this gaming chair a premium feel and look. The scratch-resistant leather is comfortable and durable while the velvet fabric accentuates the design and is soft to the touch. I love the orange stitching against the black leather colourway, which the base Jungle chair didn’t have. This gives the chair a gamer touch, but not so much that it doesn’t look out of place in an office.

But don’t get me wrong, the Jungle unfortunately retains a racing chair design like many other gaming chairs on the market, unfortunately. So the design is pretty standard compared to all the other gaming chairs that look like it. Fortunately, the color is discreet. Our review unit is the only color available for purchase at the moment, and it’s a solid design to match.

The Jungle Series 2 comes with AndaSeat branded lumbar and neck pillows. Both are meant to tie along the back of the chair. It’s a basic design, and that’s a good thing for the most part. But I long for a future where gaming chairs move away from the leather-covered design and infant car seat ergonomics we’ve known for over a decade.

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series Assembly

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Once the seat and headrest were aligned, assembly went much faster and I was done about 15 minutes later. However, I then realized that a footrest attachment could be added to the seat which we also needed to put on. All that was needed was to unscrew a few screws under the seat and reapply them with braces that allow the footrest to slide. There are also two black circles that you need to put on the end of the footrest legs to prevent them from slipping. completely supports.

You won’t need to bring your own tools for the assembly process. The chair comes with a kit that includes an Allen key to assemble the chair and a small screwdriver to install the footrest.

Comfort and adjustments for the AndaSeat Jungle 2 series

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According to AndaSeat, the Jungle Series 2 can hold up to 330 pounds and people up to 5’9″. I weigh 280 pounds and am 5’10” tall and can safely say that I feel secure. There’s just enough seat here to keep it from feeling like my hips are dragging. But the seat could be somewhat unforgiving for someone who fits the max spec of the chair. The way the seat folds down leaves a very little space to move your legs, especially if you have wide hips or lots of thighs.However, the seat itself was very comfortable to sit on and I never felt the need to get up to rest the buttocks.

The Jungle 2 series “has improved its user experience with improvements to its fabric” called AD+ Design, which is intended to “counteract sedentary fatigue, improve posture and alleviate discomfort”. For these purposes, the seat is fitted with DuraXtraAD+ leather and EverSoftAD+ linen while the backrest uses a 22mm TitanSteelAD+ frame and AD+ molded foam.

The chair does well in that it keeps your posture in check. No matter how you recline or adjust the backrest (by pulling the lever on the side), the reclined angle of the backrest will keep you properly aligned. However, it’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world, especially in conjunction with the chair’s stiff pillows. I felt like my posture had been corrected, but the support provided was hurting my back.

The Jungle Series 2 comes with AndaSeat-branded lumbar and neck pillows, which I didn’t find very comfortable. contrary to Secretlab Signature Memory Foam lumbar and neck pillows, these protrude into your back, head and neck respectively. The Jungle 2’s lumbar also has straps, like the pillow, both of which are difficult to adjust. Instead of sinking into the support props, they are rigid in an attempt to maintain your body posture correctly. While it works to keep your body erect, the comfort leaves a lot to be desired. I had to tilt the back a little, adjust the pillows and raise the height of the chair to feel more comfortable.

You adjust the height by pressing a lever under the seat. Below is the iron base that allows the chair to roll and swivel. Rolling through Jungle 2 was fairly easy and relatively quiet. The Jungle 2 uses 60mm casters to move around, ensuring people on carpets or hardwood floors have no problem moving around in the chair.

The chair has a full rocker and recline function, but I enjoyed the latter more than the former. I didn’t feel entirely safe using the rocker as I always felt like I would fall. Although I’ve never done it, it’s never a good feeling when a chair meant to support someone my size still scares me of falling. However, the back does a nice full recline which made me feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, the accompanying footrest does nothing to take advantage of the full recline. It’s made of the same velor as the one on the back, but feels flimsy and like it can’t support the weight of my legs. It slides in and out under the seat with two legs held in place by a base and rubber hoops on the end, which require additional assembly to use. From there, you flip the footstool over to reveal its soft velor side. It works as cheaply as it’s held together, and I’ve never used it beyond this review.

The armrests are covered with PU rubber and soft to the touch. The armrests also adjust in two dimensions. The arms can move up and down or left and right, creating support for your arms, elbows and forearms no matter what your chair configuration is. You move the armrests left or right simply by pushing, while a small lever on either side of each armrest moves them up and down.


(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

AnsaSeat’s Jungle Series 2 is a clear improvement over its predecessor. It uses improved materials over its predecessor, has an improved design that builds on the look of the original, and maintains the chair series’ focus on keeping the user’s posture intact. However, I want comfort to receive as much attention as posture. The lumbar pillows were very stiff and the strap design leaves very little room to adjust things at your discretion.

Some will find the support provided by lumbar pillows too beneficial to take them off while others, like me, will find them too uncomfortable to use. . Either way, the back of the chair provides ample support and its seat cushion is comfortable enough to sit on for long periods of time.

I recommend this chair for people with posture issues or gamers who just want a basic chair. However, if you’re a slouch looking for a chair that prioritizes comfort, the Jungle 2 isn’t the chair for you. The pillows are designed for posture correction more than comfort, and the footrest is excruciatingly flimsy. Plus, at $299.99, there are much cheaper options like the previous Jungle model if posture support is your primary concern. There is also the same price Razer Enki X, which has built-in lumbar support. Another good alternative is Anda Seat. T-Pro 2 if you are a taller person. At best, wait until the Jungle 2 goes on sale or drops in price before buying.


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