Adult Coloring Nights are a regular, stress-free activity at the Colorado Springs Brewery | Culture & Leisure


At Goat Patch Brewing Co., you’ll find the sights expected of a brewery: a chalkboard showing what’s on tap, a variety of beers sipped, and all kinds of people, and dogs.

If it’s a Thursday, you’ll find something else.

At the bar or at certain tables, you will find customers drinking a beer while holding crayons or colored markers. Some seem serious about their creation, while others flip through the pages to make a silly masterpiece with their pals.

That’s what happens on Therapeutic Thursdays, the brewery’s long adult coloring night. Goat Patch launched the weekly event in 2017, shortly after the kids craze started.

Coloring nights used to turn into contests, with bartenders judging completed pages and declaring the winners.

“Now it’s just happened and colorful,” said Averee Davis, the brewery’s social media and events coordinator.

A stack of books waits on the bar, allowing customers to choose between pages featuring farting unicorns or swear words or a book titled “The People of Walmart.”

Coloring tools are provided and some people bring their own special marker cases.

Unlike other events at Goat Patch, like quiz night or music video bingo, coloring nights are so casual that those unfamiliar with the event might not know it was happening. But the event also attracts long-time regulars.

“It’s a way to release stress,” Davis said. “It’s a way to take your mind off things while being creative.”

The trend took off in 2015 – Nielsen Bookscan estimated that 12 million coloring books were sold that year. But the presence of adult coloring books, classes and online groups eventually slowed. At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, when self-care activities were in high demand, adult coloring books turned another page in popularity.

Adult coloring books can be found at Poor Richard’s bookstore in downtown Colorado Springs. An online search brings up options such as “A Colorado Springs coloring book for adults” and a coronavirus-themed swear word coloring book.

Davis said Goat Patch has continued weekly Therapeutic Thursdays for the past few years because it adds variety to the brewery’s lineup.

Events include live music, weekend yoga, charity nights and craft workshops.

“We’re always looking to do things that other places aren’t doing,” Davis said.

It looks like Goat Patch is one of the only options in Colorado Springs for adult coloring nights. Davis said she’s seen more interest in recent months as people look for ways to get out and about as the pandemic continues.

“It gives you a creative outlet that’s also stress-free,” she said. “It’s beer and coloring. What could be better?”


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