Adult coloring books are a perfect relaxing outlet for stoners, so we’ve rounded up our six favorites.


Just because we had a sudden burst of sunny days doesn’t mean the woolen sweaters and wellies have to be put away until fall. We’ve got a whole month of April showers to get through before we can start frolicking in those much-awaited May flowers, so might as well indulge in some wholesome indoor recreation in the meantime.

During those drizzly days, find solace in a colorful and creative canna meditation. That’s right, all of you. I’m talking about the treasured pastime enjoyed by generations of smokers: coloring books. It’s an activity that can help you relax, relieve stress, and maybe even keep your hands occupied for a few hours so you’re not tempted to scroll.

The following selections are available for purchase at local stores or online, and we’ve even suggested cannabis products that pair perfectly with each book. Once you’ve worked on the pages, you can end up with wall-worthy artwork.

The Stoner Babes Coloring Book

Local Artist Katie Guinn Beautifully Captures Over 60 Iconic Cannabis-Using Women In Her Stoner Babes Coloring Book. Each illustration is presented on single-sided perforated pages so users can tear out the finished masterpieces and display them. In addition to the hypnotic patterns, flower arrangements, and cannababs in the title, this book also offers short, illuminating profiles on each topic, making it an enriching coloring and intersectional learning experience.

To buy: Microcosm Edition,

Pair with: Cherry Chemical Dabs

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Coloring Book

The art in marijuana tycoon Wiz Khalifa’s coloring book has the nostalgic feel of a Saturday morning cartoon. It’s hyperslick with bold, sharp graphics that not only include psychedelic cannabis imagery, but also homages to lowriders, Hollywood Boulevard, and even a few co-opted stoner vacations. Whether displayed intact on a coffee table or scribbled down entirely, this book is a fun canna memento.

To buy: Powell’s City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St., 800-878-7323,

Pair with: Khalifa Kush

depression cats

Not every stoner coloring book has to be filled with fan-shaped leaves and psychedelic swirls. Sometimes cats are enough. Cat Champion Artist Coloring Book Series depression cats features simple illustrations of fluffy and complacent cats on intricate geometric backgrounds. For smokers whose true state of relaxation is only achieved in the company of their own purring feline, there is no better book to calm down after a stressful day.

To buy: Used Books,

Pair with: Cat piss

Art forms in nature

Canners who prefer art that captures botanical discovery rather than simple images of pot leaves and swirling joint smoke will enjoy this coloring book version of problematic German zoologist Ernst Haeckel. Art forms in nature. Each illustration reveals the extraordinarily intricate patterns and shapes of flora and fauna, making this the perfect tome to let off steam while getting stoned to the bone.

To buy: Vancouver Art Space inside the Vancouver Mall, 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Drive, #283, 360-787-8772,

Pair with: Luminous Botanicals Sky Dye

Sneakers coloring book

Most of us don’t flex custom kicks with vintage Louis Vuitton leather panels, but we can dream with this coloring book. While not necessarily high art, the artwork includes over 40 sneaker designs, including the original Pro-Keds, Adidas Superstar, and Vans Sk8-Hi, as well as modern sneakers like Yeezys and those crazy Balenciagas.

To buy: Microcosm Edition,

Pair with: 503 WiFi

Fantastic Planet: A Coloring Book of Incredible Places, Real and Imaginary

Another science-is-art coloring book that deserves the attention of nature-loving smokers is fantasy planet by Steve McDonald. His photographic images create realistic patterns that are both intricate and elegantly simple. You can easily get lost in his art, explore layers and play with perspective. There are also many abstract interpretations, resulting in trippy mandalas that are fun to color.

To buy: sandman books,

Pair with: Fire Dept. Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookie


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