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Everyone has encountered times when they feel restless, unstable, and perhaps unsure of their position in the world.

It can make you feel totally detached and even directionless. It might also cause you to question your purpose.

There are many ways to deal with this unpleasant feeling. For many, discovering their own spiritual side can bring a greater sense of peace, gratitude, and even joy.

Exploring spirituality can take many forms, as you connect with your own divine energy and recognize that there is something greater than you in the universe.

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This does not necessarily mean joining an organized religion (although it could be, if that makes sense to you). In fact, there is not only one way — there are as many ways to get in touch with your sacred self as there are humans on the planet. This is a very personal journey, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try different things to find out what works best for you.

The purpose of most of these methods is to quiet the incessant inner chatter about your life that keeps you from hearing your own inner wisdom or the messages from the universe.

When you manage to fall into this alpha brainwave state, you are sure to feel more peaceful and give yourself the opportunity to know your higher self and your spiritual side.

Here are 9 ways to get in touch with your spiritual side and find your way.

1. Understand that you are part of everything.

Start with the idea that you are part of everything. You are made of stardust and the cosmic energy that makes up the universe.

Waking up to be part of something bigger than yourself offers a surprising expansion filled with possibilities. It’s like there’s a reason for everything, whether you know what it is or not.

2. Look at the world with fresh eyes.

Lynn Grabhorn, bestselling author of “Excuse me, your life is waiting for you“, spoke of marveling at nature. Take a moment to really watch spring awaken around you.

Think about how daffodils know when to rise and bloom. Examine their construction and marvel at the mysterious creative force of nature.

It is refreshing to wonder how it all happened and to realize the innate wisdom of nature and the entire universe.

3. Learn to meditate.

No experience is required to start a meditation practice. You can follow one of the countless guided meditations found on YouTube.

Another option is to use a mantra that uses Sanskrit words that allow you to focus on a single idea. You will find a ton of Deepak Chopra videosamong others to choose from.

When you interrupt your normal thought patterns by clearing your mind, it calms you down and allows you to relax more deeply. Once you become familiar with the practice, you may even begin to connect with your inner voice and intuition.

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4. Try breathing exercises.

Breathing in deeply and exhaling completely allows you to sink into a more tranquil state of being. As with many of these other methods, this creates a greater sense of being present in the moment.

Breathing exercises are based on an inhale and exhale pattern.

For example, you can count your breaths to 10 and then start again. Or you can inhale for a count of seven, hold for seven, exhale for seven, and stay still for seven. Then repeat.

Breathwork is an effective way to de-stress, release what no longer serves you, and find a deeper place to be.

5. Journal of your life.

It’s a powerful way to stop the whirlwind in your life and get to know yourself. You can buy a journal with printed prompts or find one on Pinterest or other sites with free questions to get you started.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself tough questions about current situations in your life, or ask yourself where you are going and if this is what you really want.

Journaling exercises help you get in touch with your feelings about life and live from a more mindful place.

6. Release your energy.

Your body has an energy field surrounding it and over time it collects energy from various sources which can weigh you down. This is why clearing your energy makes a lot of sense.

This is especially true now with the strong polarities occurring in the country and the conflicts in the world.

Clearing your energy field is a simple process and there are several techniques to choose from. You can take an Epsom salt bath which is known to cleanse and relax the body.

Smudging is a Native American practice that uses a dried bundle of sage and often juniper or sweet grass. Light the herbs, then puff them to smoke, then slowly sweep them around your body from head to toe.

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You can also imagine that there is an energetic void in front of you and ask it to gently remove the energy that no longer serves you from your body and aura. Once this seems complete, imagine filling the empty spaces with golden light, which represents a high vibration.

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7. Be with yourself in solitude.

Another way to explore your spiritual side is that it’s a wonderful type of self-care. When you take the time to be with yourself in solitude, you are choosing to get in touch with your true nature.

You can do it as a morning ritual or create a weekend haven, carving out that special moment for yourself. There are many ways to use this time.

A solitude practice can include something creative like coloring a mandala book, reading something uplifting with a spiritual twist, or spending time daydreaming about the future you want to create.

8. Keep a gratitude list.

Nothing can change your mood like a grateful heart. Start a gratitude journal or list and write a full page each morning of everything you are grateful for. You can also do this before bed, by writing down five things you are grateful for about your day.

Push yourself to choose something different every day, rather than writing the same things all the time. People often overlook what is working and going well right now, so this is a positive way to recognize good things.

Noticing the positive generally leads to seeing more good in your world and attracting even more goodness.

9. Take a class.

The number of spiritual courses to learn about intuition, healing methods or yoga and tai chi today is limitless. Pick something you like and take a class. It will broaden your horizons by sampling a variety of spiritual practices.

It’s hard to know what you’ll like until you experiment with a few options. Explore and take advantage of new opportunities to learn and meet new like-minded people. Finding spiritual buddies is a fabulous by-product of this adventure.

Above all, take advantage of this new journey to get in touch with your spiritual side and the new world that opens up as a result.

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