9 Great Websites Where Kids Can Learn Digital Art


Introducing your kids to digital art is a great way to encourage creativity while helping them get used to using technology. Art allows children to express themselves and can also contribute positively to their development.

It’s so easy to think of digital art as something that requires a lot of skill, but there are so many resources online to introduce your kids to the world of digital art.

In this article, we will list nine websites where kids can have fun with digital art.

If you’re looking for a website where your kids can jump straight into creative mode, this is it. Kleki provides a simple interface where users do not need to open any additional platforms on the website. Your kids can just open the website and start creating.

When you open the website, you will find a blank page and drawing features to choose from. Children can use different brushes and colors and change the stability of their drawing. Artwork created on the Website may be saved for printing or stored as an image.

Toy Theater offers a variety of digital art activities for children to participate in. They can doodle and draw all they want, build in 3D, construct a snowflake using dots, create cartoon animations and much more.

The various artistic features of Toy Theater not only let children have fun, but also can develop learning skills. To avoid confusion, you might want to direct your child to the art section as there are various other games and activities on the website.


ScrapColoring is a free online coloring page. On this website, children can enjoy a wide range of colors, styles and designs, such as animals, vehicles and flowers. They can also get creative by creating their own designs.

ScrapColoring allows you to import your own photos, images or designs, which are then converted into personalized coloring pages with shapes to color for your children. Once the patterns are created, you can save the document as a background image, print it, or even get it on a t-shirt, mug, and other products, so you can cherish the creation of your forever toddler.

If your kids love to read comics, this site lets them explore the world of comics by creating their own comics. Users can choose characters and adapt them to different roles. Children who use this website can develop their imagination by creating a scenario.

MakeBeliefsComix offers a variety of backgrounds for your kids to choose from to set the scene for their story. If your kids need a helping hand to get their comic started, they can use the comic prompts provided.

One of the cool prompts available is a prompt where kids can choose from a selection of designs and tell a story based on what they see. Once your kids have finished their comics, they can print or email their work to a friend. However, to access the features of this website, you must create an account using your email address.

Pixilart emphasizes creative learning for all ages, but the website has a predominantly younger demographic. Children can join the Pixilart community to find inspiration, collaborate and share their creations with other young creatives.

Pixilart has a simple interface that makes it easy for kids to start drawing using the variety of drawing tools provided on the website. Your kids can also draw on the go with the Pixilart mobile app.

If you like the idea of ​​a digital art website that takes you straight to the creative page, this site does just that. Like Kleki, Bomomo makes it easy for kids to create art using the various tools alongside the blank page. He incorporates dynamic movements into his tools to give the art an abstract look.

Color by Numbers includes online coloring pages suitable for young children. The coloring pages of the website not only entertain children by using different colors but also teach them to recognize numbers as they have to match numbers with colors.

In cases where children choose the wrong number, the correct color appears on the screen to tell them to select the correct option. Introducing this website to your kids can help develop their attentiveness and teach them numbers while having fun and creating art.

JacksonPollock is a Flash-based website where kids can mimic paint splatters, drips, and lines, or they can fill the entire page with color. The website reproduces the effect of throwing paint on a canvas, allowing your children to create beautiful abstract works of art.

The website opens to a blank page and provides no instructions, allowing them to learn on their own. But, as soon as the cursor is on the page, your children will immediately see a splash of color. Changing colors or clearing the page just requires users to play with the mouse and they will figure it out in no time.

When you are a child and develop an interest in drawing, one of the first steps in learning to draw is to draw a stickman. This website introduced a new interactive twist to the traditional stickman drawing.

After the stickman is drawn and you click Done, the stickman starts moving and tells a game with a story, and also provides instructions for other things to draw. There are different episodes included in the game, and to access their second episode users need to complete the first game.

It is a simple drawing game and each game will be fun and quite easy for your kids to do.

Let your children channel their creativity

Digital art is not only a way to get your kids into art, but it can also educate them and pave the way for them to become tech pros. The websites mentioned above will help your children get a good start in the world of digital art.

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