9 Dollar Tree Items to Stock Up This Summer


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Towards the end of 2021, Dollar Tree did the unthinkable – it raised its prices from a decades-old standard price of $1 to $1.25. Shoppers could no longer purchase five items for $5 plus tax from Dollar Tree. Instead, with the 25% price increase, it costs $5 for just four items.

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Even so, with inflation soaring and prices rising everywhere you turn, it’s good to know that the majority of items at your local Dollar Tree are only $1.25. And if you’re not a dollar store shopper, you might be surprised at the value you can find. While these discount havens often carry a ton of their own private label, they also stock branded items you know and trust.

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In the interest of saving money, here are nine items to stock at Dollar Tree this summer.

Activity books

A stash of activity books is perfect for air travel or road trips in the summer – or just to fill the time during a tech break. From word discoveries and hidden pictures to Sudoku puzzles and playing blocks, Dollar Tree has a selection of activity books suitable for all members of the family, and they’re only $1.25 each.

For toddlers who love to color, the store also offers giant Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar coloring books.

Plastic beverage dispensers with taps

“These round dispensers measure 72 ounces and are great for everything from lemonade to iced tea to water,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at DealNews. “They fit easily in most fridges, which means you can make something for the kids to drink that they can help themselves. Plus, at $1.25 each, you can pick up enough to serve an entire party.

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picnic supplies

“Summer is for picnics, and Dollar Tree has pretty much all the supplies you need for them,” Ramhold said. “From disposable tablecloths to plastic cups, paper plates and utensils, you can pick up every item for $1.25 each or per pack.”

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Specialty glassware

“Whether you want poolside margaritas, shot glasses for bite-sized desserts, or martini glasses for fancy cocktails, you can scoop up just the amount you need for $1.25 each,” a said Ramhold. “And at this price, if one breaks, it’s easy and affordable to replace.”

Sun glasses

Trips to the beach, pool, lake and other outdoor places require sunglasses. Unfortunately, sunglasses get taken away or forgotten more than anyone cares to admit.

Dollar Tree has kids’ multicolored fashion sunglasses and polarized sunglasses for $1.25 each, which means you can afford to buy multiple pairs for each of your kids. The same goes for adults who don’t want to wear their expensive sunglasses to the water park or waterskiing by the lake. Adults can also purchase aviator, fashion, and sport sunglasses for $1.25 each.

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KIND Frozen Desserts

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in frozen treats, and if you’re a fan of KIND snacks, you’ll probably enjoy its frozen offerings, too. Dollar Tree shoppers can choose from different flavors — dark chocolate, almond, sea salt, hazelnut coffee and cashew cherry — for $1.25 each while supplies last.

Assorted snacks

Wherever you’re going this summer, it can be helpful to have some snacks on hand that you can quickly stuff into your cooler or tote bag. Dollar Tree has Armor LunchMakers, Lunchables Lunch Combinations, Oreo 4-pack cookies, Lance 6-pack snacks, and many other snacks for just $1.25 each.

Craft and painting supplies

Lazy summer days can leave kids with nothing to do. Why not stock your crafting closet with supplies from Dollar Tree to fill the void? You will find paint, brushes, canvas, beads, glue, craft stickers and all kinds of small wooden objects to paint or decorate.

School supplies

The first day of school will be here before you know it. Why not get started with your school supplies by stocking up at Dollar Tree? For example, you can buy boxes of 16 #2 pencils for $1.25 each. That means you can get four boxes — 64 pencils — for $5.

But that’s not all. Dollar Tree offers a full selection of school supplies, including crayons, glue, dry-erase markers, and clear tape from top brands like Crayola, Elmer’s, EXPO, and Scotch for $1.25 each.

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