9 Bible Resources for Young Children


Most preschoolers and kindergarteners are energetic and eager to learn. As children develop, their attention span also increases. When planning Sunday school lessons and devotions for kindergarten children, allow time for questions and movement. Being an active participant helps a child grasp the biblical concept you are teaching. Repetition is still vital at this age too.

For children’s church messages and devotions for kindergarteners, age-appropriate materials are essential. Maybe you already have a favorite program or resource. But if you’re looking for something new or want to branch out, materials are available online. Some are free, while others are available for purchase. Try searching by Bible character, Bible verse, or topic. Parents and caregivers also appreciate the recommendations for family devotional resources.

Remember: crafts and games are fun and effective additions to devotions for kindergartners. They help to “stick” the day’s learning. Plus, taking projects home allows children to share the message with others.

Below is an assortment of devotions for kindergartners that you can try and suggest:

9 devotions for kindergartens

Combine faith and pleasure with these materials:

1. Fruit of the Spirit

This delicious devotion is the whole package. It offers everything from invitations and name tags to crafting and coloring pages.

2. School-themed devotions

We love these short but powerful kid-friendly devotions. Each is based on a different school supply item.

3. ABCs of the Bible

For most kindergartners, learning letters and words is a major goal. So use their newfound knowledge of the alphabet to link brief lessons to the Word of God!

4. Nature-Based Devotions

Take the kids outside for nature-themed lessons. You will have a great time exploring the wonders of God’s creation.


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