5 study break ideas when your brain shuts down


It’s almost time… midterms. Not as bad as finals week, but still brings a lot of stress. This is when I try to sit down, study and work on my mid-term projects. However, sometimes you just need a break. So here are my tips for getting through the mid-term week.

Take a break…

#1: Go grab a snack

Nothing is worse than trying to study when all you’re focusing on is your belly growling. So take a second, go grab your favorite snack (a current minute favorite is mini strawberry tarts), relax, and pick yourself up in 10.

#2: Organize a dance party

Your body gets so tense and tense when you just sit and stare at a screen for hours on end. Stand up, stretch quickly, put on your favorite song and do a quick move.

#3: Go for a drive or walk and put some music on

Clearing your head, getting some fresh air on a walk, or enjoying a scenic drive might be just what you need to clear your mind before you hit the books again.

#4: Grab some art materials and color

There is something so relaxing about coloring that always relaxes me. It may be due to concentration and coloring inside the lines. So grab a coloring book the next time you go out.

#5: Watch a movie

Once you’ve completed some of your tasks on your checklist, take a break and watch a movie, your favorite TV show, or a “slime tutorial” on Youtube (IYKYK). It’s an easy way to take your mind off things and focus on the story playing out right in front of you.

These are my top 5 tips that helped me rest my brain halfway through. It’s common for us students to overwork our brains, trying to complete every trial and memorize every flashcard. But sometimes studying too hard can have the opposite effect. So, as Eliza in Hamilton said, “Take a break.”


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