5 easy-to-do home activities for toddlers in their forties


Unfortunately, COVID-19 is on the rise again. As the Omicron variant increases across the country, daycares and preschools are closing classrooms, and COVID-positive parents and children must self-isolate at home. Based on the science that shows the coronavirus is most transmissible in the first five days, the CDC now recommends that people self-isolate for five days (and wear a mask in public for an additional five days).

If you are going through a period of isolation and wondering how you are going to entertain your baby or toddler, you are definitely not alone. Help us ! Below, we’ve rounded up five activities for toddlers – one for each quarantine day – that use items already found at home and are easy to do (even if you or your baby is a little under the weather) . Check them out below.

Sensory grain container

Sensory bins are containers filled with objects of different textures, shapes and colors. Not only do they help support baby’s development, including fine motor skills, attention span, self-calming abilities, and sensory processing, they’re also incredibly easy to prepare. For this activity, simply fill a bin with baby safe cereal. Niki from Play and Learn Every Day recommends adding different sized spoons for more fun and learning.

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Picture: There is only one mom

Tulip Suncatcher coffee filter

When stuck indoors with a toddler, craft projects are a great way to pass the time. This one from There’s Just One Mommy calls for materials you probably already have at home, like coffee filters, markers, a water bottle, and construction paper. Not only will your little one have a long time making these sun catches fun, but you will also have a beautiful creation to brighten up your windows.

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Rainbow ribbons

All you need for this home activity, from Casey of Little Lifelong Learners, are DIY closet ribbons. Simply hang them on baby’s playroom, a drying rack, or some other sturdy item that baby can lie under. They will have fun looking at all the colors and pulling on the ribbons. The activity provides endless fun and also helps build upper body strength and improve motor skills. Win, win.

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Have fun with fabrics

Chances are, you already have a lot of containers of wipes at home. This awesome activity is from Jamie of Hands on as We Grow. Take an old empty container and fill it with washcloths and other scraps of fabric. Not only will baby be able to explore different materials and textures, they will also have fun opening and closing the lid and removing fabrics.

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Picture: Super coloring

Super Coloring

Coloring is one of the best home activities for young children. Don’t worry if your little one doesn’t have a coloring book at home (or if Amazon can’t deliver one soon enough). Super Coloring is an online resource that lets you download coloring pages for free. Choose pages from multiple categories including vacations, animals, and many more. Your little one (and even you!) Will have a great time coloring the pages. Get out the pencils and watch the day go by!

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