5 Best Bingo Slots and Where to Play Them Online


While bingo’s predecessors have been around since the 1500s (“lotto” in Italy, for example), the modern 75-ball (American) and 90-ball (British) versions of bingo weren’t developed until the Roaring Twenties. . .

As you may or may not know, people in the late 1920s needed something to distract them from the stock market crash and the Dust Bowl – and they often found that distraction in the basements of their local churches, where their neighbors flocked to play. a weird game with sheets of newspaper and half a cup of dried pinto beans.

Some even called it Beano back then, but it’s the bingo name that stuck. Soon casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere were setting aside auditorium-sized halls for the growing bingo crowds, eagerly awaiting that time when they too could shout “bingo!”

Since then, a lot has changed, and like many of our other distractions and recreations, bingo has moved online – and not just in live bingo games, but with new bingo slots that take time (and perhaps a good deal of the boredom as well) offside.

It’s not as easy as you might think to find bingo slots on the internet, but we were adamant and determined (okay, I was doing all the adamant and determined work) but we we found. Enough, in fact, to come up with a list of what we consider to be the best of breed: the top five internet bingo slots.

I’ll go over the best options, but if you’re ready to play right now, feel free to browse the best sites to play bingo online.

5. Tribo-Bingo


This Amazon jungle-themed game is one of the few Brazilian-flavored bingo slots from developer Qora. The game allows the player to try one to four 3×5 bingo cards and deals 31 (not 30, but 31) balls.

The player can also purchase up to 12 extra balls, and the deck even indicates which cards are about to hit a winning pattern, a great option when you can’t decide if an extra ball is worth the prize.

All ten patterns pay, of course, including a weird bonus pattern that looks like an inverted uppercase N (most columns from right and left to hit, plus a downward diagonal line from right to left).

This bonus pattern takes you to the archery bonus round, where the player shoots an arrow at each of four targets for what can be a pretty big payout.

Tribo Bingo is featured at Ducky Luck Casino and is mobile friendly, just like one of the best bingo slots should be. Get to know Ducky Luck a little more with our review, or visit the site to play Tribo Bingo now!

Ducky Luck offers some of the best casino games you can find online.

Read our Ducky Luck review, or go now to play Tribo Bingo and other slots.

4. Roaring Twenties Bingo

The Roaring Twenties

Among the best real money online bingo games is this throwback to the days of the first bingo games, as they were found in church basements and barn halls in the 1920s You can play Roaring Twenties bingo with as little as one card or up to one hundred cards at a time for anywhere between one cent and $5 per card.

The bingo game itself draws 30 numbers from a 90-ball “hopper” (a nod to the UK version of bingo; the US version uses 75 balls), and there are a total of 21 different patterns that pay, from the simple full column or row up to the combination that triggers a maximum progressive win. There are also major and minor progressive jackpots which are randomly awarded at the end of a game.

Sure, any computer screen with a full 100 5×5 bingo cards might look a bit daunting and complex, but hey, it’s just bingo.

And the action is easy to follow. When you win your first bingo, you’ll be a regular at this authentic digital version of the old charity hall classic.

Roaring Twenties Progressive Bingo is from online slots giant RealTime Gaming, and you’ll find it served at Cherry Gold Casino and Sloto Cash Casino.

3. Go Go Bingo

go go bingo

Go Go Bingo is a minimalist idea of ​​what a neon color electronic bingo game might have looked like on the family’s brand new 18” RCA color TV. That said, it’s a simple and refreshing game. Played with four 3×5 cards, the game selects 30 numbers between 1 and 60, then displays them one at a time (albeit quickly) on the cards.

It is possible to pay up to nine additional balls (sometimes paying and sometimes free). Numbers that would complete one of the 12 payment models available are highlighted with an expanding circle around each.

The colors are rather garish, but the game allows you to adapt to something less – surprisingly, “Gold” is the least conspicuous color available.

The available numbers of each card can be randomized by clicking on that card. The range of bets available is wide – from 40 cents (ten cents per card) up to $20 ($5 per card).

Go Go Bingo is from Qora Games, and you can find it under “Casual Games” at DuckyLuck Casino. As with many casino games, Go Go Bingo works quite well on the mobile platform.

Incidentally, if you prefer to access your online games through apps rather than through various browsers, please check out our list of real slots apps.

2. Video Bingo 8 Card

video bingo

This standard version of 75 number bingo offers the ability to play up to eight bingo cards simultaneously (in case you’re a little scared of the Roaring Twenties 100 bingo cards).

The game begins once you have selected your denomination (25 cents to $5) and the number of cards you want to play (one to eight).

The controls are clear and the graphics are simple, artistic and easy on the eyes. The eight-card limitation is a welcome compromise between the bingo enthusiast’s natural desire to play All Maps with the need to be readable on a mobile screen.

You can find the Video Bingo 8 card on BetUS – and yes, the game is mobile friendly, brah.

1. Bingo Goal

Bingo Goal

Choosing the best bingo slot machines is a subjective judgment. Yet Bingo Goal stands out even among these exceptional examples of an age-old standard enhanced by technology undreamed of a hundred years ago.

This football-themed slot machine from Qora Games has plenty to offer, including ten designs to match on up to four cards, the ability to purchase up to 12 additional balls (after selecting the standard 30 balls) – and a progressive jackpot that the player is eligible to win provided he bets four whatever denomination they choose, and plays four cards.

The game randomly selects 30 of the 60 possible numbers, then applies those numbers to the four 3xc5 number grids that make up the bingo cards.

A penalty kick bonus round occurs if you draw a checkerboard pattern on one of your cards and the progressive is won, completing all fifteen numbers on a single card within the first 30 balls drawn.

As all 30 numbers are selected, the game highlights the winning numbers in red and will also hint at patterns that only need one number to win by coloring that number in yellow.

This indication is useful for deciding whether or not to buy one of the 12 additional balls.

Soccer Goal’s graphics are top-notch and the sound effects are understated yet elegant, making the game comfortable to play for hours on end. You’ll find it under “Casual Games” at DuckyLuck Casino.

Wherever you decide to play the best online bingo slots, make sure you’re prepared with our online bingo guide.


As I searched high and low for the best bingo slots, one of the most interesting revelations was the wide variety of games available.

You don’t find many old-fashioned 5×5 bingo card offerings, but you do find games that come remarkably close to the objective of the game, while adding new features that should be added to paper games at haste.

Of course, some of the online innovations and features can be difficult to pull off in real life, like pausing the game to shoot arrows at four distant targets.

On second thought, why not? Bingo-Archery Biathlon, anyone? I smell a new Olympic event here!

Oh, one last thing: it’s not just about bingo: US residents have plenty of options for online gaming. Be sure to check out our USA online gambling for all your options.


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