40 Best Halloween Party Themes for Kids and Adults in 2022


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Hosting a Halloween party this year, but not sure which direction you want to go? Halloween party themes and ideas are much easier to execute when you have photos to look at for inspiration. Once you’ve chosen your theme, there’s no limit to your creativity with DIY decorations, Halloween games and party treats. To help you kick off the perfect spooky season shindig, we’ve rounded up best halloween party themes.

Before choosing a theme for your Halloween party, you might find it helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want your Halloween theme to be fabulous, cute or spooky?
  • How old will your guests be?
  • How many guests will you have?
  • What types of activities will there be at your party?
  • What type of food will be served?
  • Do you want every guest to leave with a party favor or goody bag?
  • And above all, should your guests come in costume?

    Once these factors are taken into account, it will be time for you to plan. Remember: if you’re inviting a group of kids, you’ll want to make the decor fun and inviting – not too scary. You can still be festive, of course, but try to keep the scares to a minimum or they’ll cause nightmares. If you only have adults you can increase the fear factor. Try turning your house into a haunted house or showing horror movies on the big screen. If you have a combination of ages present, you can have different sections and varying decor and activities to accommodate everyone.

    Here are 40 Halloween party theme ideas that will seriously up your October celebration game.

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    One way to bring a “dead” party to life is to display caskets as decor. We love them because you can open them to reveal a fun treat – or trick.

    Get the DIY Paper Coffin Tutorial to Lia Griffith.


    Halloween Costume Contest

    Are you organizing an outdoor party? Make a handy sign in fall hues so your guests know exactly where to go for each activity.

    Get the DIY Autumn Ombre Sign Tutorial to Crafting Merrily.

    A different way of doing things, hosting a breakfast or brunch to celebrate Halloween can also be fun. Plus, those doing the tricks later will have the rest of the afternoon to prepare. Serve your guests these bagels designed with scary and edible characters!

    Get the Fun and Spooky Halloween Bagel Recipes at Lovely Effectively.

    Are you throwing a party for your friends who are also science freaks? Serve drinks in test tubes and beakers to really bring out your theme.

    Get the Beakers and Test Tubes Tutorial at Lovely Effectively.

    Speaking of mad scientists… A Frankenstein party is easy to throw if you decorate cups with some chocolate, stickers and a green drink. Think: matcha or mint chocolate chip ice cream, or just add green food coloring to vanilla ice cream for a themed milkshake.

    Get the Easy Frankenstein Halloween Milkshake Recipe at Design Eat Repeat.

    It might not be the easiest theme to pull off, but turning your home into a haunted house will be so rewarding once it’s done. Don’t forget to bring in the spooky by having friends play monsters that jump on people when they cross. The sound effects will also add a spooky touch.


    Halloween Coloring Party

    Got an art group of 5-year-olds who just learned to color in the lines? A coloring party sounds like fun, not to mention pretty easy planning.

    Get the Downloadable Halloween coloring pages for kids at Made with Happy.

    If your kids love a good Easter egg hunt, you can bring this same activity to Halloween. Instead of plastic eggs that you put treats in, you can stick these white ghosts on candies and hide them around the house, indoors or outdoors. Don’t forget to provide each child with a black light (you can buy or DIY!) to identify their loot.

    Get the Black Light Halloween Candy Hunt Tutorial at DIY Studio.

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    Not many people can pull off the intricate makeup of a Day of the Dead costume, but it’s still a theme we love! Day of the Dead (a holiday celebrated primarily in Mexico) is a celebration of life and death, fusing both dread and beauty into one.

    It’s the most prolific Netflix show to date: squid game. Set up some squid game-like activities in your garden for this shindig. Just be sure to tell your guests to dress up as a guard or a player.

    Who didn’t like The X-files? Dress up as Scully, Mulder or a creepy alien or monster from the beloved 90s series. This alien-themed drink adds a nice touch of fantasy.

    Get the Alien Invasion cocktail recipe at Made with Happy.

    How magical it would be if every guest at your Halloween party dressed up as a character from Harry Potter? You can then watch the movies during your party and even ask guests to role-play.

    Moms daughters, as if you don’t have enough unicorn parties in your life. If your little one wants to turn Halloween into a unicorn party, it can be done with a little DIY magic.

    Get the Printable Halloween Unicorns to See Vanessa Craft.

    If your child is still at the age where they love princesses, a princess party is your best Halloween bet. After all, your child and their friends will probably all be wearing princess costumes anyway. Might as well make it a theme!

    Although some find clowns very scary, a Halloween party where everyone dresses up as a clown can be both fun and scary, depending on who you ask.

    Remember the movie, Eyes wide closed? A masquerade ball was featured in the film. Although you won’t have this kind of a party, a tame version of it could be really fun for you and your adult friends.

    Come as your favorite team mascot or just as your favorite animal. The only rule for this party theme is that your costume must be fully closed where no one can tell who you are. Then you can play a game of guessing who’s who — or maybe even have a masked singerkaraoke style contest! Of course, if it gets too stuffy, you can always take your costume head off a bit.

    Girls love a fairy costume. Flowers, leaves, wings – that’s about all you’ll need to pull off a fairytale theme.

    Get the DIY Fairy Costume Tutorial for Kids to Lia Griffith.

    The flower crowns are so easy to remove and can be coordinated with your regular clothes. If you want to have a fancy dress party without dressing up, this is a great option. And the best part is that 70s fashion is so trendy right now. Your friends probably already have a pair of bell bottoms in their closets.

    Let’s get physical… Wear a boom box, tease your hair, and wear a leotard. Then you’ll be ready for your 80s party. Your playlist can contain songs from The Bangles, The Go-Gos, and Debbie Gibson. Just don’t use tapes or you’ll stop to switch sides and hit play every hour. Tapes are something that can stay in the past.

    Hosting a party for the kids? A superhero party where each partygoer picks their favorite crusader would be so much fun. Will they be Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Captain America, Black Panther? It’s a perfect party theme for kids 12 and under.

    If you’re unfamiliar, cosplay simply means “costume play.” But the main difference with this party theme is how your guests will have to focus on their costumes and characters. The object of the game is to really play the part. It’s like playing the method, but for a party.

    Choose an ancient period in history and tell your guests to choose something to wear from that era. Serve era-appropriate dishes and decorate them according to the historical landscape to really make this theme shine.


    Scary Movie Watching Party

    The easiest Halloween party to throw is when you play horror movies all night long. Ask your guests to vote in advance for their favorite horror movies and don’t forget the popcorn. Between movies, you and your friends can chat about your best takes.

    Red lips, hats and old school jewelry… Who wouldn’t love a mafia-themed party? Men can wear pinstripe suits, women can go Hollywood glam with pearls and bodycon dresses – you might not have to search for your suit if you already have an LBD in your possession.

    Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, and Blackbeard are just a few of the many characters you can have on your kids channel for a pirate-themed Halloween party. Decorate your house like a haunted pirate ship and you’re ready to set sail.

    bring it Gatsby the magnificent 1920s period to life with flapper dresses, pearls and opulence. Watch the Leonardo DiCaprio movie for inspiration if you need more ideas.

    Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean every pumpkin has to be orange. Go beyond the traditional orange and black colors with a rainbow-themed party this Halloween.

    Get the Rainbow Holiday Garland Tutorial at Made with Happy.

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