4 Simple Tips for Organizing Your Cushions to Get the Perfect Look


A casual stroll through any Home Decor retailer can present an overwhelming sea of ​​options overflowing from those gigantic shelves and bins. With so many shapes and sizes, there are a number of things to look for when choosing additions to your space. Classic squares are always a safe option, dominating most selections and often being the coziest addition to any sofa. Rectangles, however, work well for upholstered pieces with lower backs and smaller scales. Round and cylindrical cushions are surprising elements to add to your seat, offering a geometric balance between straight and curved angles. They are often the best choice for more informal and relaxed design schemes, while square and rectangular pillows evoke formality.

According Parachute, size is one of the most important factors to consider. Although throw pillows come in a multitude of sizes, consider the scale of the room they will inhabit. Large overstuffed sofas host luxuriously bold pillows. Sleek modern sofas require a bit more restraint with cleaner lines and more defined shapes. Also consider how you use your sofa, as cushions can sometimes take up valuable seating space if they are too big or overstuffed.


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