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If the mushroom brown hair trend hasn’t consumed your Insta feed, your Pinterest board, and the inside of your eyelids yet, I’ll be shocked. Because, ICYMI, mushroom brown hair – that cool, earthy (dare I say, mushrooms) shade of brunette—was fashionable in 2022. I know the word “mushroom” doesn’t really sound appealing, but trust me, it’s actually so pretty. Think: ash brown hair, with mauve, taupe and gray undertones, making it extremely versatile.

“Mushroom brown hair is an earthy tone that belongs to the neutral color family,” says Matt Swinney, hairstylist and global creative director of Rusk Hair. “It’s different from other shades of brown because most shades take on a warm or cool tone, but the mushroom is in the middle.” And because it’s so versatile, there’s tons of room for dimension, like silver highlights, balayages, and ash and muted undertones. “There’s more of a creamy khaki mushroom tone and then a greyish silver mushroom.” Basically you have options here.

Because mushroom brown hair is such a unique color, celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein tells make sure you go see someone who has proven they can do it. Scroll through their Instagram pages, check out their work on their website, and ask them directly if they can pull off the mix of cool, ashy tones that make up chestnut hair. Ready for all the inspiration to capture before your next appointment with your colorist? Keep scrolling, because I found 21 of the most beautiful mushroom brown hair ideas on the internet rn.


This mauve mushroom brown color

I am absolutely in love with the icy blue shades of this mushroom brown hair color. Just a reminder to make sure you are on the exact same page with your colorist before she starts “cocktailing” your shades. “IIt’s important to communicate that you want a mix of cool and warm tones but not a natural brown shade,” he says. “Natural brown shades won’t give you the custom blend of shades found in the mushroom brown shade.” The result? This mauve and silver hue.


This Soft Ombre Mushroom Hair Idea

Celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein says she loves the mushroom brown hair trend because “Brunettes have always been encouraged to add warm tones, such as chocolate, honey, and cinnamon to their hair, and this ashy tone is the exact opposite of that. And we like everyone to do what they want (plus, who doesn’t want that buttery mushroom ombré?).


Muted Mushroom Brown Waves

The more you opt for the mushroom brown color, the more understated and daring you will achieve. This dark mushroom brown has major winter hair color vibesand my soul that hates summer is here for that.


Mushroom hair with highlights framing the face

Embrace Y2k hair trends with all-over mushroom color with two lighter coins framing the face. This will give your color a lot of dimension and will work great with curtain fringe.


This Warm Mushroom Brown Hair Color

If you already have mushroom brown hair and want to warm it up a bit, capture this photo immediately. It has just a hint of golden brown coloring along the face framing pieces which give it a summery look without altering the overall hue.


Mushroom Brown Hair with Highlights

“Mushroom brown is a beautiful blend of warm and cool undertones, usually created with a mix of beige and pearl tones,says Swinney. In this cute bob haircut, the mix of light and dark mushroom highlights shows off just about all of these shades, and I’m obsessed with it.


Mushroom Brown Lowlights

If you want a mix of warm tones and mushroom tones, ask your colorist for mushroom brown lowlights like this. And for best results, take a screenshot of this photo. “Bringing photographic inspiration is always a great way to visually communicate with your stylist what result you want to achieve,” says Swinney.


Mushroom brown with golden highlights

This mushroom brown with golden highlights is legitimately perfect for summer. Since you still want the golden highlights to have a cooler tint, pick up a blue shampoo to offset any brassiness that the chlorine and sun can cause.


Short Mushroom Brown Hair

Mushroom brown hair is such a pretty muted color on short haircuts like this because it’s minimalist but still rich. And if you’re already a brunette, growing out a short haircut or a pixie like this won’t be a big deal.


Brown Ombre Root Mushroom

Jumping on a hair color trend is all fun and games until you have to go back for touch-ups every four weeks. To avoid hassle, ask your colorist for a darker shadow root that matches your natural shade, so your roots can grow easily with virtually no maintenance.


This mixture of brown mushrooms and caramel

Mushroom, meet caramel hair. You will both be happy as evidenced by this truly magnificent blend. It’s best with brown hair, it’s so versatile.


Mushroom Brown Highlights

If your color is already warmer, ask your colorist some mushroom highlights to bring out the cooler, earthier tones. And pat on a blue shampoo to neutralize the warmer, brassier tones that try to seep in.


This Silver Mushroom Brown Hair Idea

A surefire way to achieve a cool-toned mushroom brunette is to use silver brown shades. And for an easy growth phase, ask your colorist to give you a root-y look like this photo.


Ash Mushroom Brown Hair

Costs, ashy tones are what define a mushroom brown color, said Rubenstein. If your hair already lives in the ash brown realm, you won’t have to do much to recreate this look. Simply use a hair toner to keep it shiny and fresh, and a deep conditioner to prevent split ends from appearing.


Lavender-mushroom brown hair

BRB, I’m calling my colorist now so I can get this mushroom-lavender hair color. I mean, has there ever been a prettier color? It’s a good option for anyone going from blonde to mushroombecause the highlights will keep your new look from being too dark.


Brown Mushroom Balayage

Getting a mushroom brown balayage is a great way to try out color without committing to a full head. And to keep your hair as shiny and vibrant as this, grab a hair toner to help preserve your color.


Curly Mushroom Brown Tips

Want to add just a little mushroom brown to your curls? Get some hand painted highlights to add definition and dimension to your hair. And as you know, whenever you color curly hair, you want to increase the TLC afterwards to repair the damage. I’m talking about deep conditioners, hair masks, and hot oil treatments to keep your curls hydrated and happy.


Sand Mushroom Brown Hair

This mushroom brown hair with sandy blonde highlights is the perfect hair color for the beach after vacation. Follow some beach wave tutorials or create waves with a flat iron to really let the sun catch those lighter pieces.


This Mushroom Brown Ponytail Idea

Although mushroom brown hair color unfortunately does not turn us into Winnie Harlow, we can recreate this stylish mushroom ponytail idea. Prep your hair with a smoothing cream, then dry and straighten your hair to make it super smooth. After tying it into a high ponytail, wrap a section of hair around the base of the ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin to conceal the elastic.


Dip Dyed Mushroom Brown Hair

This dip dyed mushroom brown hair will literally give you the best of brown and blonde worlds here. Ask your colorist for a mushroom color up top with a warm blonde dip-dye. As you will need to bleach your hair for this, be sure to stock up on a deep conditioner to give your damaged hair the nourishment it needs once a week.


chocolate mushroom brown hair color

The mushroom brown spectrum covers everything from a light, sandy mushroom to that chocolate hue—which mixes a rich brown shade with the ashy color of mushrooms. NGL… I’m kind of in love with this color.

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