20 fun activity books for kids


This best-selling activity book by Richard Scarry is packed with activities your kids will love, including games, puzzles, mazes, over 800 stickers, and all your favorite Busytown friends!

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4. Highlights hidden images


This 2022 best-selling exercise book pack for kids ages 6-12 contains 128 pages of fun activities with hidden pictures. This seek-and-find book will capture your children’s imagination! Your kids will spend countless hours filling in the ornate illustrations.

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5. Fun activity book for 6-10 year olds


This fun activity book features mazes, color-by-number, dot-to-dot, word search, and more! With beautiful illustrations and challenging activities, this book will activate your child’s problem-solving skills. Perfect for children 6-10 years old.

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6. Space coloring and activity book


Does your child love space? This best-selling art-centric activity book is for kids ages 4-8 who love space! With coloring, mazes, dot to dot, puzzles and more, and vibrant illustrations of planets, astronauts, spaceships, meteors, rockets and stars, this book will provide hours of entertainment and creativity to your children. Let their imaginations run wild!

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7. Unicorn Activity Book for 4-8 Year Olds


My daughters love unicorns and are obsessed with this book! This vibrant coloring book and activity pages for kids ages 4-8. For home or travel, it has puzzles, coloring activities and more. The book includes 25 coloring pages and 25 activity pages filled with unicorns, stars and rainbows, cute cottages, narwhals and mermaids!

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8. Scholastic Jumbo Notebook – Kindergarten


If you want to help your child become a top student, Scholastic Jumbo Workbook – Kindergarten includes pre-kindergarten learning exercises and reading skills. The colorful illustrations and fun activities will keep your youngsters engaged while learning!

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9. Pre-K Jumbo Binder Value Pack


Your pre-K kids love this visually appealing workbook! Scholastic Jumbo Workbook includes exercises in pre-K learning areas such as the alphabet, pen control, sorting, and counting. The bright and fun visuals will be a treat for your young children.

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10. Clear workbook activities


What’s better than being able to wipe down a fun activity book and start over? This easy-to-clean binder has over 100 pages of easy-to-clean activities like writing, spelling, math, time, and puzzles! Perfect for 2-4 year olds.

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11. Easy-to-clean workbook: Ages 3-7


Learning sight words is an essential skill for young children. This easy-to-clean workbook focuses on learning sight words, an important literacy skill! Fun for ages 4-7.

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12. Car trip activities and travel diary for kids


Older kids will love this road trip activity book. This writing-themed activity book contains over 100 games, mazes, crazy libraries, writing prompts, and more. Whether on the road or at home, older kids will love this written activity book.

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13. Preschool School Zone Write and Reuse


This fun workbook will keep your kids entertained while learning important preschool skills! School Zone Preschool Write & Reuse is perfect for ages 3-5 and includes pre-writing, alphabet, coloring, and more.

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14. My First Coloring Book for Toddlers: Have fun with numbers, letters, shapes, colors and animals!


Teachers, parents, and toddlers love this coloring book with early concepts, bold illustrations, and more. Perfect for your little ones who are just getting started in developing sensory-motor skills.

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15. Disney Activity Printables


Does your child love Disney? This Disney-themed downloadable activity book will delight your little ones! Educational and fun packs are perfect for at home or on the go!

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16. Unicorn, Mermaid and Princess Activity Book for Kids


Memorable, cute and fun! Your young children will be captivated by this Unicorn Mermaid Princess activity book. This fun princess-themed coloring activity book for ages 4-6 includes coloring, word search, dot to dot, and more!

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17. Wipe learning books for pen control


Perfect for preschoolers to master tracing and pen control skills. This easy-to-clean learning book features colorful activities you can do over and over again!

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18. STEM Starters For Kids Art Activity Book


Filled with activities and art facts, this art-centric activity book includes mazes, spot the difference, draw puzzles, identify patterns, test quizzes, and more! It will introduce boys and girls to the beautiful world of STEM in a fun and creative way!

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19. Logic Notebook for Gritty Kids


In my middle school class, the students love to play these games. This fun book explores spatial reasoning, math puzzles, word games, logic problems, activities and two-player games. Perfect for children aged 6 to 10!

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20. Mindfulness Workbook for Kids


Written by Hannah Sherman, a licensed clinical social worker and mindfulness expert, this fun book features over 60 activities to help kids ages 8-12 focus, stay calm, and make smart choices! Your children will surely incorporate these activities into their daily lives to stay grounded whether at home, at the playground or at school!

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