20 Cool Ice Cube Games for Kids of All Ages


Ice cubes can be used to do more than chill your drink. The ice cubes can be used for games for your preschoolers all the way up to your high school students.

As a teacher, using ice cubes in a non-traditional way will engage the children you work with and they will enjoy playing with them. A big advantage of using ice cubes as toys is that they are free if you have ice cube trays!

Ice cube games for preschoolers

These edible sensory cubes are colorful and beautiful! One of the best things about this type of deck is that it can be customized to suit your needs, whether you’re working with a certain color, fruit, flower, or more! Your preschooler will love them!

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2. Color mix ice cubes


Mixing the resulting colors from melted colored ice cubes will keep your students engaged and guessing which color will be produced. This game can serve as a science experiment while discussing primary and secondary colors at the same time. Your science lesson will have an artistic twist.

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Your preschooler will love this messy game as it smashes, smashes and smashes ice cubes and chunks of ice into smaller pieces. This super fun game is perfect for warm days when kids would like to play outside with cold things.

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4. Hatching Dinosaurs Excavation


This cute dinosaur activity is inexpensive and lots of fun! Freezing mini plastic dinosaur toys in cold water will keep them preserved and ready for your young learner to dig into. You can also discuss the type of dinosaurs you find as you free them.

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Challenging your student or child to paint and create using ice cubes is a simple game for them to get creative with. The colored water will provide your learner with the ability to create beautiful scenes. You can gamify this activity in different ways!

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Ice cube games for elementary school students


Setting up an obstacle course or relay type race for kids is great for making this game the best it can be. The students will transport their team’s cube throughout the course without it melting! You can fill an entire ice cube tray depending on how many teams you have.

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Another fun experiment that can be done with ice cubes is to predict the height of cubes that can be stacked before they fall sideways. You can create a game with the students to see how high they can build a structure just out of ice cubes.

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8. Ice and Sea Sensory Scene


This sea scene is the perfect themed sensory experience that combines ocean lessons as well as ice games. Animal figurines can be placed around the “icebergs”! This scene is sure to create endless fun and imaginative play.

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These ice water balloons are bright and inviting. Decorate your space with this ice water balloon set for kids. By simply using food coloring, balloons, and water, you can teach them about different states of matter and predict what will happen when the balloon around the ice pops.

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10. Marble Effect Paint


Handling or leaving the colored ice cubes on white paper will create a marbled effect as the drops drip and dry. This game is also a fun art activity as students can learn to experiment with different colors and create different unique and quirky patterns.

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ice cube games for middle school

11. Environmental Science Ice Melting Game


Environmental science can have a hands-on approach when looking at a game like this. Your students will answer the question by finding out how much ice remains in the polar regions. They will benefit from learning about this topic.

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This simple activity uses a few materials that you probably already have in your home or classroom. You can turn this activity into a game by having students race their sailboats and you can discuss how the shape and size of the sail affects its performance.

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13. How to melt an ice cube dice game


This game is sure to give your learners freezing hands! On a hot day, playing with ice will be a relief. Students will roll a dice and then refer to this chart which will tell them how to melt the ice cube they are holding.

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A positive aspect of this game is that you can add whatever you want to it. If you’re having a themed day, you can lock up items related to that theme or the kids can randomly find items, which is just as fun! They will explode.

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This game can be a starting point for your first or next science lesson involving magnets. Hiding magnets inside the ice cubes will keep students guessing as the ice cubes slowly melt and come together. Students will be amazed! Find out what else ice cream magnets will stick to!

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ice cube games for high school


Capture your high school student’s attention by challenging them to build the tallest and strongest castle. Equipping them or teaming up with other students will allow their castle to grow and expand.

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17. Lift an icicle experience

This experiment will get your high school students thinking about density. Working with them to be involved in the scientific process of hypothesis, prediction, experiment and results will have them engaged and interested.

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18. Materials Experiment with Ice Cube

This experiment would be a fantastic addition to your next science lesson when discussing the properties of different materials. Let your students observe the different melting rates of two ice cubes that are placed on two different surfaces with different temperatures when you touch them.

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19. String ice cubes


Your students will experiment with chemistry by attempting to perform and explain how they can use a piece of string to lift an ice cube. You can have students work in groups.

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Density is an important discussion and lesson, not least because it can serve as a springboard for other important topics.

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