18 hard-to-buy gifts for the people in your life in 2021


It is the most wonderful time of the year, associated with the most stressful. If delivery delays, price increases, and the thought of stepping foot in the mall make you wish you could turn the calendar in January, you’re not alone.

Traveling for the holidays can mean seeing people you don’t normally see, visiting family you haven’t seen in two years, and buying gifts for people who are difficult to shop for. Here are 18 gift ideas for those people in your life.

Gifts for your best friend

DIY Succulent Terrarium Kit

Not everyone is cut out to be a plant person, but for the person in your life who would like to showcase succulents, this terrarium is an easy DIY project. Help your friend add a touch of green, even if they don’t have a green thumb.

‘SAR’ by Elizabeth Holmes

The British royal family is constantly in the headlines, which Americans tend to appreciate. While many of us don’t think of ourselves as royal or cutting edge watchers, we are addicted to So many thoughts on the Instagram page. Author Elizabeth Holmes details all the looks and shares where to find similar styles. Last year she published a book, “HRH: So many thoughts on the royal style”, and it’s perfect for every coffee table, everywhere. Make sure you have one for yourself as well, so you can admire Princess Diana’s epic dresses for years to come.

Socks and underwear

Hard-to-buy people always need socks and underwear, but you can make them fun and surprising. Position offers monthly subscription packages of socks or underwear, with an option for all. For $ 19, you can choose between a monthly or quarterly subscription. You can also enjoy fun, subscription-free vacation options while upping your set of socks and underwear.

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Olive & June manicure kit

Salon appointments are fun, but so too are the salon-quality nails you can do at home. Olive & June gives you this option with everything you need for fun, pretty and affordable nails. Her manicure set includes a pot of nail polish remover – why didn’t we think about that before? – and their signature Poppy, which helps keep nail polish stable when using your non-dominant hand. Individual manicure and pedicure sets as well as varnishes are available online.

Aaptiv gift membership

Athletes and gym rats love new ways to train and stay motivated. For the person constantly on the move, an Aaptiv membership will help them keep sweating. Unlimited access to over 6,000 workouts in 15 categories is available on your smartphone for $ 50 for the year. The application works with Android and iPhone.

Copper cow coffee

Fine coffees are fun, and even more fun when you can make them at home for a fraction of the cost. The Copper cow coffees are single-serve coffees that are sustainably sourced and customizable. They come in a variety of flavors – including peppermint mocha and churro – and can be paired with natural creams. Variety packs and teas are also available from this women-owned business.

Gifts for the extended family

Ticket to Ride Board Game

Board games are the perfect gift for the whole family. They promote spending time together and avoid the pressure of buying a gift for each person in this family. You don’t have to remember the exact age either, just a fork for your first cousin’s children. A good idea is Ticket to Ride, a strategic game where players connect cities on the map with trains. It is also educational. There are a variety of options, including Europe, Asia, and a junior version for families with young children. The game is available on Target and Amazon.

Magic puzzle

Put a twist on the puzzle game experience by increasing your game from “dogs playing poker” to the Magic puzzle. These 1000 piece puzzles have games within the games. Build the puzzle, which has more than four corners; search for all the cool items on the list; then be prepared to have your mind blown away when you open the secret envelope at the end. It’s a wonderful family activity that just might save the day.

Card games

Grandma may have taught you how to play Canasta, but now it’s your turn to teach her something fun. Beyond Uno Attack and Phase 10, there are some next-level card games that even hard-to-please teens will enjoy. Options like Exploding Kittens, Unstable Unicorns, Taco vs Burrito, and Farting Frenchies are guaranteed to keep everyone laughing as they learn to play. These games are available on Target and Amazon.

Silly Scrolls Coloring Sheets

If conversation is something your family struggles with, consider a colorful distraction. These five-foot-long coloring pages are perfect for a lazy afternoon with the family. Designed by military wife Tori Butler, the prints cost just $ 15 with free shipping. Custom orders are also available for $ 50. See what’s available and place your order through it Instagram pages.

Gifts for tweens and teens

“Game of phones”

Yes, we don’t really want them to be on their phones all the time, but if they are anyway, let’s make the most of them. This game brings teens and their phones together – and maybe parents too – for a scavenger hunt. And one of the cards tells you to “text your parents”, so that can be a winner.

Tie-Dye Kit

As much as we tell them that the things they do are what we did as children, they don’t believe us. This tie-dye kit has everything they need to create new outfits, make matching masks for their friends, and make a mess in the kitchen. Maybe they’ll even let you share in the fun.

Bubble phone case

For a good idea of ​​Christmas stocking, this bubble phone case lets have fun and something different. The case is available for several iPhone sizes. There are also some silicone pop-it cases for Android phones available.

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Self-cleaning water bottle

It’s cool to drink water and put stickers on your water bottles – another thing we did as kids that they don’t want to hear about. But it’s less cool when you find their collection of water bottles under the bed. Prevent filthy rudeness by getting them one of these self-cleaning water bottles. UV-C LED lights clean the bottle inside and out, and the bottle keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. They will love it, and you will love it. It is available in several colors.

Ideas for exchanging office gifts

Smart sockets

We all want to “work smarter, not harder,” and anyone can use a smart plug to complete their collection. Ranging from $ 10 for the Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Mini to $ 40 Eve Energy Smart Plug & Power Meter, everything from the TV to the bedside lamp can be voice activated through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. A variety of smart plugs are available on Amazon.

Tea cup and infuser

A beautiful and practical gift, the Sweese tea cup and infuser is ideal for the winter gift season. The handle stays cool to the touch while the tea brews and is dishwasher safe. It’s available in a variety of colors – look at red or navy blue – and you can pair it with loose tea for the perfect gift.

Office vacuum cleaner

This little, office vacuum cleaner will become the most popular gadget in the office. It is silent and recharges via a USB cable. It’s perfect for removing crumbs from your keyboard or for a quick clean up at the end of the day.

Makeup brush cleaner

Did you know that cleaning makeup brushes is something you should be doing? Here’s an option for the office party: the Senbowe Automatic Brush Cleaner and Dryer. In addition, it has storage space. A simple, practical and thoughtful gift. Skinny makeup brushes are a must have.

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