12 new fun coloring books for kids


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I’m well into adulthood, and coloring is just as fun and calming now as it was when I was a kid. Children earn a lot of pretty advantages simply coloring: it helps them learn to focus, develop fine motor skills and coordination, develop color awareness and stimulate creativity. Most importantly, it’s fun! Get them started with the awesome new coloring books for kids!

I wanted to highlight a few recent coloring books for the little ones in your life, both because school is starting over and because if they enjoy coloring I’m sure at one point or another you’ve run out your coloring book resources and are looking for something new. The bundle below is from this year and last year, and they’re all waiting to be colored by impatient kids with their pencils ready.

I’m dividing these new kids coloring books into two categories by age group: coloring books for toddlers 1-5 and growing kids 6-10. Happy coloring!

New coloring books for ages 1-5

Cover of the first creative toddler coloring book with a picture of a colorful snail and a strawberry

Creative Toddler’s First Coloring Book by Imagi Press

Showcasing large designs with bold lines to encourage coloring in the lines, this coloring book is ideal for toddlers ages 1-3. Pictures are all everyday items to help with recognition skills and vocabulary expansion, such as fruits and vegetables, farm and zoo animals, weather and other recognizable objects to color and discover.

my first jocelyn wood english spanish kids coloring book

My first English-Spanish children’s coloring book by Jocelyn Wood

While your little one is coloring in fun pictures of shapes, numbers, letters and colors, why not help him learn the names of what he is coloring in two languages? This coloring book associates each picture with the item name in Spanish and English, so not only are they learning their numbers and color names in one language, but they are learning in two!

Cover image for My First Big Book of Undersea Creatures by Little Bee Woods, with sea creature illustrations around the title text

My first ledger of underwater creatures by Little Bee Books

Dive under the sea for 200 pages of ocean-inspired coloring opportunities for kids! As a former kid myself in love with aquariums, I would have gone crazy for a coloring book with so much sea creature content. Your little ones can choose from dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, starfish and other ocean creatures to color in at their leisure.

Toddler Vehicles coloring book by Kwabu with illustration of a tractor, fire truck, spaceship, car and shovel in the front

Vehicles coloring book for toddlers by Kwabu

Let this coloring book introduce the little ones in your life to planes, trains and automobiles they see on the road or in the air. They’ll love coloring and learning about cars, fire trucks, trains, tractors, excavators and more by filling out the 25 available vehicle pages, all on heavyweight paper with one-sided printing.

Dinosaur coloring book for kids by ColoredUniverse with an exploding volcano and some dinosaurs on the cover

Dinosaur coloring book for children by ColoredUniverse

Help your young adventurers travel back in time to the age of dinosaurs with this dinosaur coloring book. They’ll enjoy 28 pages of a variety of dinosaur species to choose from, including Triceratops, Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Spinosaurus and more. Not to mention that the dinosaurs in this book are adorably drawn.

Bug Books for Kids Katie Henries-Meisner and Andre Sibayan with a praying mantis on the cover

Insect book for children: fun coloring pages and awesome facts by Katie Henries-Meisner and André Sibayan

Your children can safely explore and experience the world of bugs and bugs with these coloring pages. They will learn about 25 different types, from ladybugs and centipedes to crickets, and learn interesting and interesting facts about each species before coloring them. See? It’s so much better than having one of these critters inside your house for an impromptu show.

New coloring books for ages 6-10

Cool Nature Children's Coloring Books by Future Teachers Foundation featuring a colorful illustration of a tiger, tree and lightning on the front

Coloring books for kids Cool Nature by the Future Teacher Foundation

Put this one in the hands of your young nature lover, as this coloring book features a wide variety of nature-related scenes and objects, from natural phenomena like lightning and rainbows, to habitats and ecosystems, to endangered and unusual animals and plants of all around the world.

Mermaid coloring book by Silly Bear with colorful illustration of an aqua haired mermaid on the cover

Mermaid coloring book by Stupid Bear

If you have a young mermaid fan in your life, this coloring book is for them. With 50 different mermaid models to choose from, including adorable illustrations of other sea creatures the mermaids interact with, this coloring experience will be a treat.

Space technology and our solar system Daniel Gershkovitz with illustrations of space related objects on the cover

Space Technology and Our Solar System: Fun Coloring Book & Facts by Daniel Gershkovitz

Kids can learn about space technology and our solar system while they color in this informative and fun space coloring book. Color planets, space shuttles, telescopes, meteors and all kinds of space related things while learning interesting facts about them.

I Am Positive Affirmations for Kids Coloring Book for Young Black Girls Aaliyah Wilson with Black Ballerina on the Cover

I Am: Positive Affirmations For Kids And Coloring Book For Young Black Girls by Aaliyah Wilson

This coloring book contains 34 pages of confidence and self esteem building for young black girls. Each illustration comes with a positive quote, and the book includes worksheets on building self-esteem and other fun activities.

Coco Wyo coloring book with adorable illustrations on the cover

Cute stuff coloring book by Coco Wyo

Give your child absolutely adorable illustrations to color with this jewel. Do they like cute bunnies? Kittens? Delicious but also adorable desserts? Flowers and sandwiches smiling and happy? Everything is here in 50 pages of an almost unbearable kindness.

Happy coloring book by Tara L. Nearants

Color Happy: a year of themed coloring pages by Tara L. Nearants

This coloring book for all ages has seasonal themes, geometric patterns, and other cheerful and calming images that are easy and not tedious to color. Perfectly bite-sized coloring possibilities for those times when your youngster wants an easy, fun, no-commitment coloring experience.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to pick up a few myself, for my… actually, probably for me, but I guess you have some real kids in your life who would love one of them. between them ! I’ve chosen a wide variety of topics to keep things fun and interesting, and one is sure to grab their attention.

Want even more coloring options? Check out the free coloring pages you can print at home!


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