10 Reasons Jurassic League Is The Best Comic Of The Summer


Summer is the time for shameless fun, whether it’s in the form of block parties, barbecues or blockbuster movies. In the cinema, summer promises grandiose franchise films and action comedies. In superhero comics, summer offers some epic crossover events.

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Writers Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon Jurassic League combines these ideas, establishing itself as the best comic of this summer. Exploring the idea of ​​”what if the Justice League were dinosaurs?” the series turns out to be a ridiculous, no-holds-barred adventure through DC’s stable of heroes and villains. Perfect for readers new and old, The Jurassic League is a must read for anyone looking to have fun.

ten Its creators clearly love it

Written by Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon and with interiors drawn primarily by Gedeon (with Jon Mikel and Rafael Garres) and exteriors by Warren Johnson, Jurassic LeagueThe creators of have made no secret of the fact that they love what they create. Fans of dinosaurs and superheroes, the creators cited influences like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Primitive as inspirational works in series.

Warren Johnson and Gedeon talked about the intentionality with which they crafted their universe, choosing the dinosaurs that best reflect each character’s temperament and the variety of DC Universe source material. With its top creators so invested, it’s no surprise Jurassic League has become such a hit.

9 It’s different from other worlds by the way

The DC Universe Is No Stranger To Alternate Earths, But Few Offer Uniqueness Jurassic League Is. Like many other worlds elsewhere, Jurassic League faithfully reinterprets DC’s legendary heroes, but does so with a singular, lucid silliness that DC’s hypothetical storylines don’t always have.

Jurassic LeagueThe world of is special, separate from the cities, gadgets and cosmic forces that so often define the DC Universe. While the idea of ​​superheroes as dinosaurs is certainly a selling point, the exceptional nature of the book comes from featuring heroes who have filtered down to little more than their personalities and powers.

8 He lovingly reinterprets the DC universe

Whereas Jurassic League is certainly stupid, it sounds far from hollow. Gedeon and Warren Johnson clearly love the DC Universe and use their knowledge of it to reinterpret it as faithfully as possible in the anachronistic, prehistoric world they created.

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They have significant relationships like Green Lantern and Flash’s friendship and Batman and Joker’s rivalry. They even preserve the classic DC motif of an impending crisis. The reimagined costumes include things like period-appropriate materials and dinosaur skin colors, creating a new DC Universe that’s faithful but noticeably different from the original.

seven The art is amazing

Jurassic LeagueThe non-stop plot of is great, but Gedeon, Mikel, and Garres’ artistry keeps it going at a breakneck pace. With bold lines, dynamic design and top notch coloring by Mike Spicer, Jurassic LeagueThe Art of is unlike any other comic currently produced by the Big Two.

The distinctive pencils of Gedeon, Mikel and Garres create a world that is distinctly DC but uniquely itself. The character designs are truly inspired, while the jungles and game boards Jurassic League remain a mixture of ecological and fantastic. Always generous, Jurassic LeagueThe artists of are exemplary in their work.

6 It’s a blockbuster in the best sense

Each page of a Jurassic League The number features something exciting, whether it’s teeth-crushing action, a dazzling character debut, or a cape-wearing dinosaur. As the dinosaurs of the Jurassic League battle their evil counterparts to save their land, something sinister bubbles up in a nearby cave.

Jurassic League is a hit comic that will keep readers on the edge of their seat. With dense jungles, eldritch horror and all the dino-on-dino action you could want, Jurassic League throws all the critical elements of a blockbuster into its tar pits to create a cinematic comic book that can be savored summer after summer.

5 It doesn’t take itself too seriously

It’s no surprise that the idea of ​​DC Comics characters as dinosaurs seems silly, but it’s something Jurassic League wears on his sleeve. Filled with names like Supersaur, Reverse-Slash and Blackmantasaurus, Jurassic League takes the obvious perception of madness and gives it giant, grinning T-Rex teeth.

Exaggerated in the best way, the excessiveness of the book does not stop at the saurian pseudonyms. The characters transform into their most outrageous interpretations, with Aquaman commanding monstrous crabs named Reginald and Batman acting like an overly distressed loner. Humorous and delivering a lot of heart, Jurassic LeagueThe no-nonsense comedy is key to its success.

4 Every panel has heart

As stupid as Jurassic League is, it would be a lie to say that the project is a big joke. Warren Johnson and Gedeon are truly passionate about their work and strive to create a story that overflows with heart.

Despite the silliness of a flying blue brontosaurus with a cape, Supersaur’s relationship with his parents and the people of Metraaaghpolis is tender. Likewise, Wonderdon’s quest to make the world a better place is earnest, giving depth to a story that might be superficial.

3 It features dozens of dinosaurs

Whether jurassic park taught readers nothing is that the public loves dinosaurs. Just watch all the sequels. Warren Johnson, Gedeon, Garrés and their collaborators embraced this wholeheartedly, creating an outrageous world that combines a variety of dinos across time with the existence of humans.

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Wonder Woman is a triceratops. Batman is an allosaur. Superman is an alien sauropod. Every DC character that appears gets their own dinosaur, which means the variety of protagonists and prehistoric authors only increases with each issue. Combining the best of reference books with stylized action, Jurassic League is a who’s who of dinosaurs.

2 It has amazing fight scenes

While some of the best superstories feature non-violent ways to defeat evil, there’s no denying that outrageous violence is a staple of the medium. Fortunately, Jurassic League artists Juan Gedeon, Rafael Garres and Jon Mikel have gone to great lengths to make title fights anything but ordinary.

That the Justice League are dinosaurs is reinforced by their absurdly fluid fights against their villainous counterparts. Each dinosaur has a particular way of moving – the Jokerzard is snake-like and always around corners while Wonderdon is tough and brave – which makes grapple-heavy battles a real treat.

1 It’s easy to read

Comics have a reputation for being labyrinthine, confusing sagas that are almost impossible to understand. While that can certainly be part of their charm, it may turn off new readers or comic book fans who aren’t invested in the franchise.

The Jurassic League does not have this problem. The story takes characters the audience knows and loves and throws them in a blender with a bunch of dinosaurs. Firmly rooted in DC lore but not in an obnoxious way, The Jurassic League remains an accessible reading for any reader until the adventure.

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