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Masters of the Universe: Revelations relaunched the famous He-man franchise and brought it to both old and new audiences. The character designs have been updated with modern animation styles, with many of these heroes and villains looking better than they’ve ever been before.

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Whether it’s lighter lines, brighter colors, new concepts, or perhaps a unique tribute to the original, these character designs really help bring the series to life. Although almost all of them reproduce something from the past, they are completely iconic of this latest series of Masters of the universe.

ten Fighting cat

Masters of the Universe Revelation He-Man and Battle Cat

Battle Cat is a classic design and its slightly updated armor is definitely something to see. The jagged edges give it a more dangerous side to its look, but in those daring pointy forms is found characterization relatively similar to what fans are familiar with.

Although the colors have been updated to appear a bit more, there isn’t much else to do with Battle Cat, given that it is a green tiger with orange stripes. . Either way, it’s a design that will continue to stand the test of time, with the nastiness of its transformation translating well on screen.

9 Andra

Masters of the Universe Revelation Andra

The design of the Andra focuses on practicality and the life of a warrior. While the weapons she picks up along the way are very impressive, the costume itself is extremely memorable due to its gritty character and camouflage-style colors. Immediately, he’s a character designed for combat.

So much can be said in a costume and it is clear that this is a woman who has had to fight her whole life. When appointed lieutenant, her costume improves slightly, but she is still comfortable in her familiar armor, demonstrating that she stays the same regardless of her height. Andra’s intelligence is reflected in its practicality.


8 The witch


The witch is of course an inherited character, but the design has been changed slightly. The basic bird-like elements have been kept, but some of the colors have been changed, with the outfit getting a more graceful overhaul. It seems that the magic radiates from the garment itself.

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The design here is a lot more ethereal than before, which suits the character well. The helmet is no longer laughable, but next to the shoulder pads seems to represent power. The winged cloak is a bit more practical here, no longer giving the impression that the witch is about to take flight. It is a striking and fantastic design demonstration.

seven Dumb man


The Beastman is one of the most monstrous creatures in He-man and a memorable villain thanks to his size and screen presence. The character was given these fierce fangs and this war paint that demonstrates his commitment to violence.

Still, there is a certain culture in his makeup and the way he ties his hair, indicating something replicated from his people. The character overhaul is much more realistic than what was originally described, becoming more muscular than grizzly fur.

6 Orko

Revelation of the Masters of the Universe Orko Reborn as Orko the White

Orko mysticism is added to Masters of the Universe: Revelations after his disappearance and reappearance as Orko The White. Obviously, a nod to Gandalf, the costume is enhanced as the magic passes through the white and red material.

Even before this change, the costume seemed a bit more based on the fantasy world, while still keeping some of the mystery behind as to what is under that cape and hat. What was once a comedic conception has been elevated into something much more appropriate for this universe.

5 Man at arms

Masters of the Universe Duncan Man-At-Arms and Teela

Man-At-Arms was almost cartoonish in the original series, sporting armor with an array of old-fashioned weapons strapped to it. His costume has been weathered in the years since and the grizzled veteran wears this costume with even more pride than before.

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The design of Man-At-Arms shows that he is tired of war, but also demonstrates his ability to get out of a corner. The helmet is still a bit of a stretch, but the rest of the armor has been toned down enough that there is some legitimacy to the look.

4 Teela

Revelation of the Masters of the Universe Teela as the New Witch

Teela’s design changes across the series, as she initially arrives in her more traditional costume before evolving into something much more practical. She ends her time in Masters of the Universe as a new witch and has suitable armor.

This is a combination of her looks, alongside the original witch, with bird imagery. It’s both fantasy and warrior, with the gold plating adding to the character’s status and the magical nature of his new abilities. It is a striking design piece that carries with it the weight of war and conspiracy.

3 Skeleton

Masters of the Universe Revelation Skeletor with Mighty Sword

Skeletor is one of the most iconic villains in all of pop culture. There’s not much you can do with such a good design. For most of the show, the team behind the Netflix series stuck with a concept fans were familiar with; until he has won the sword of power that is.

A boosted Skeletor was even scarier, with a skull-shaped helmet, larger armor, and a more intimidating size. It was an impressive display of strength and power once Skeletor was boosted by the sword and was a great entry into Masters of the Universe know what the character would look like in this form.

2 He-man

Masters of the universe He-Man Revelation with soldier and peasants

He-Man’s design has changed even less than most, but he’s just been given modern animated textures and a slightly more realistic use of coloring and materials. There really is nothing to do with the look as it is so memorable.

Although it does hulk-out at one point, Tarzan-like imagery is used sparingly. Additional jewelry on the body helped bring it to life a bit more, and the golden elements sell the idea that this is not just a prince of power, but a prince at all.

1 Mal-Lyn

Teela and Evil-Lyn face off in the jungle in Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Evil-Lyn has been drastically changed in his appearance and personality. The character has been developed far more than any other in the series and his costume reflects that, becoming far more than a background enemy with a relatively simple design.

Dark energy emanates from this witch, who also gets a trick with the Sword of Power, increasing her appearance to something pretty amazing. The magic orb she uses to channel her gift continues to be as mysterious as it needs to be, as the blue tones offer something unique about her clothing compared to the other villains.

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